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How Much Protein Is Enough? Trending. Seems to be a relatively new word for my limited un-John Romano-esque vocabulary, but apparently, even the word “trending” is, in fact, trending on social media right now. Oh, the irony! As are with most things that people tend to follow, trends or patterns seem to take shape. Trends in the money market place. Trends in the fashion forum. Trends in Hollywood movie productions. Trens in trenning (see what I did there?). Bodybuilding has long been intimate bedmates with Nutrition, and as bodybuilding trends progressed, as did the nutritional world. Like old lovers trying...

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Redcon1 athletes Stephan and Sussie Gatt meet young Lawrence at Redcon1 Headquarters to star in a commercial photoshoot and behind the scenes video. Young Lawrence directs and instructs Stephan and Sussie through various pose’s and movements to achieve the perfect images. Everything from battle ropes, sledgehammer, cinder blocks, chains and baby powder were used during the campaign. Unfortunately as Stephan says during the shoot Sussie does get all the cool shit. All images were shot in house in the Redcon1 studio and warehouse. Like and subscribe to Redcon1 on Youtube to always be at “The Highest State of Readiness” Visit to...

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Dallas McCarver give us all Arm Day Motivation. Check out Dallas’ training video here and maybe you can get on his level. Let’s Go!

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