REDCON1 is a success brand! Whether you're a navy seal, professional athlete, business person, or just trying to get to the next level in whatever you do in life; REDCON1 provides you with tools such as articles and videos for motivation, nutritional education, support and premium supplements and apparel to keep you sharp and at the highest state of readiness.

Ryan Bates and Brandon Cruz are both former Navy Seals who did multiple tours of combat during the peak of several conflicts. When we add members to the Redcon1 team, I am very careful to make sure they fit the brand and what we stand for. We won’t add someone because they have a big following, how many likes they get, or how often they post. We sign people to Redcon1 because we want them on the TEAM. We can hold them up as an example to others. With that said, I am very proud to add two true American heroes to the  Redcon1 team.  They are honorable men who want nothing more than to serve their country and their brothers to the utmost of their ability. They have both quietly played a very large role in the building of the brand, the image, and the products you all are seeing now. Please welcome them to the team!

Former US Navy SEAL's Brandon "Pancho" Cruz and Ryan "Lefty" Bates team up once again together in this weekly podcast to discuss leadership skills, reminisce on war stories, and give encouragement to a new group of warriors. There expertise and knowledge is unparalleled.


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