Rudy Leandri is the man with plan and the social media manger at Redcon1. Rudy has been in the fitness industry for a decade from being a trainer to running socials for many companies.

Dave Copel is just an average guy with above average hair. Dave began working as a personal trainer until he got the call from Rudemuscle aka Rudy Leandri to come down to Florida on two weeks notice and the rest is history.

Rudy and Dave came up with the idea for Meathead Nation as a way to bring back the brotherhood to the fitness industry and poke fun at the outrageousness of the industry. The views and opinions of Meathead Nation are those of Rudy and Dave and do NOT reflect that of Redcon1. With that being said prepare yourself for brutality honest conversations about all things fitness, pop culture, and everything in between. Listen at your own risk!

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