When to Have a Cheat Meal? - Aaron Singerman: Spouse Wars

When to Have a Cheat Meal? - Aaron Singerman: Spouse Wars

"When to have a cheat meal?” Is a question that has almost certainly already went through your mind. If it hasn’t, then most likely you’ve already cheated! Lol. I was 20 days into my diet when I decided if my rapid weight loss continued, I would plan a cheat meal. In my last blog I discussed hitting a plateau in my weight loss, and how to crush that plateau, and move past it. I decided to remove carbs post workout, and while that decrease in carbs and calories should have just SLIGHTLY re-accelerated my fat-loss, it ended up stoking a metabolic forest fire. I lost 5lbs in 5 days, and I started to look very stringy and any pop my muscle had literally disappeared.

The body is a funny thing and it doesn’t always do as predicted. I would have guessed that a reduction in 70g of carbs per day would result in another pound of weight loss that week…bringing my third week total to 2.5lbs lost. Pretty good, and definitely sustainable without losing all my muscle. Instead, since my body threw me a curve ball, I had to adjust my plan on the fly.

One rule to cheat meals I always follow is: PLAN THEM. Don’t do a cheat meal spur of the moment. If you just do them willy-nilly, you will be tempted to do them more often, and they won’t be used to service the purpose. Instead they will just be a way to break your diet and eat what you know you shouldn’t.

The other big rule to cheat meals is to just cheat that one meal! Don’t use it as an excuse to screw up your entire day. Stay on the diet and training EXACTLY, then switch one meal out for a cheat meal.

Lastly, make your cheat meal a finite time. I did one sitting. Like 30 minutes to an hour. I took Aaden (my middle son) to the movies and after we went to my favorite burger place, BurgerFi, and I had 4 burgers plus cheese fries, and a big Oreo shake! Then, next meal, I was right back on the diet!

So now you are wondering, is it time for a cheat meal? If your answer to all these questions is YES, then it might be time!

-Are you losing more than 2lbs a week?

-Have you been dieting for 3 weeks?

-Has it been over a week since your last cheat meal?

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