What are Digestive Enzymes & Why do You Need Them?

What are Digestive Enzymes & Why do You Need Them?

In today’s fitness industry, there is a broad spectrum of innovations that can optimize and improve the overall results. Also, there are many health innovations that can protect and improve the overall health and wellbeing. There are various supplements that contain certain elements that can optimize the health and abilities of the average user. One notable group of elements that is present in these supplements are the so-called digestive enzymes. These unique form of proteins regulate the chemical reactions the body uses to digest food. Although it may sound plain and simple, not many people are aware of the potential benefits of using this kind of supplements. That is why it is important to differentiate between the different kinds of enzymes.

What are digestive enzymes?
The digestive enzyme represents a complex form of protein that can help to
break down food into smaller nutrients. These smaller molecules can be absorbed easier into the human body thus enabling the body to utilize all the nutrients. The digestive proteins are usually generated through the pancreas and some are also made by the stomach and mouth. And while they are mostly produced naturally, there are certain products that are available for sale. In today’s fitness market there are various supplements that contain the digestive enzymes. Here at Redcon1 we recently introduced G.I. Juice. G.I. Juice can tackle the issues such as bloating, flatulence, gut health and possibly heartburn. Moreover, this digestive enzyme drink has the ability to support healthy digestion. In the same time, these enzymes can galvanize the breakdown process of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. This can be very beneficial especially for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts as it can help in the process of protein synthesis and building a lean muscle body.

Types of Digestive Enzymes
There are several different types of digestive enzymes we use in G.I Juice, with each one providing a similar set of benefits.


The first notable type that makes our list is Amylase. Amylase is present in the saliva of humans and some other mammals, where it is initiating the chemical process of digestion. This unique element has the ultimate role to break down the carbohydrates into sugar that is needed for the body to generate energy. Solid levels of Amylase is also needed in order to lower the risk of the occurrence of metabolic syndrome. Moreover, this digestive enzyme can be beneficial for bodybuilders and athletes because it can help to maintain a low belly fat. The improved digestion and energy can have a galvanizing effect for many weightlifters as it can optimize their workout sessions. Additionally, it can maximize the overall lean muscle gains by stimulating an improved protein synthesis.

The second notable type of digestive enzyme is Protease. This element has the key role in breaking down the consumed protein. On that note, it is important to emphasize that this process occurs in the stomach. To be more specific, during this phase the pepsin breaks down the consumed proteins into smaller molecules. During this step, the pepsin breaks down the proteins you have swallowed. Once digested, they're sent to your small intestine where they're additionally broken down by enzymes secreted by your pancreas and small intestine. The protease is especially effective in breaking down protein from lean meats, nuts and low-fat dairy products thus optimizing the protein synthesis. This can ensure for the average weightlifter to get enough protein from different sources without consuming too much fat. The protein synthesis is very important as it can result in gaining lean muscle tissue. In other words, it can help the athletes and bodybuilders to add more muscle mass.

Another significant enzyme that needs to be mentioned is the Papain. This natural element is extracted from the leaf and raw fruit of the papaya plant. The role of this proteolytic enzymes is to break the key amino acids down into smaller molecules of protein. Many people use Papain based supplements to reduce pain and to reduce inflammation. Also, it has been used to treat various other health issues in correlation with different research studies. In regards to fitness and bodybuilding, the Papain supplements can relieve muscle pain caused by intense workouts. This is very beneficial as it can enable the average weightlifter a speedy recovery after an intense workout. According to a research study, weightlifters that used Papain experienced better muscle recovery and less muscular pain. Combined with the fact that the muscle recovery is one of the key elements for muscle growth – the benefits of papain are far beyond simple recovery.

Betaine HCL
Another important element that can offer a broad spectrum of benefits is the Betaine HCL. This unique element is a source of hydrochloric acid. Supplements that contain Betaine HCl are often used to optimize the level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. To be more specific, this formula is designated to support the stomach’s digestive capacity for people that are lacking sufficient stomach acid. In the fitness industry, the users can use Betaine HCL support the acid needs of digestion during mealtime. The better digestion can result with an improved protein synthesis which is the key in the muscle building process. The Betaine HCL formula can also be used to treat other health challenges, however, there is a need for more solid research in order to prove this theory.

Digestive enzymes are one of the key elements for the overall health and wellbeing. Several studies have confirmed the benefits of these unique elements for the human body. As we are aware, in order to build muscle, a proper protein intake and digestion is needed. This is where G.I. Juice comes into the frame in the process of building a lean and healthy muscle physique.

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