Vitamin World to Carry Redcon1 Starting September ‘18

Vitamin World to Carry Redcon1 Starting September ‘18

Starting September 1st, Redcon1 supplements will be available at all 160 Vitamin World locations across the United States. The brand will be showcasing its hottest selling products including Total War, MRE Bar, and MRE Lite. Redcon1 products have quickly become the industry standard for quality, performance, and results.

Vitamin World’s knowledgeable and dedicated team prides itself on selling quality supplements thoughtfully crafted to the highest standards to help each customer reach their personal wellness goals. This dedication to helping the consumer reach their goal makes the partnership an ideal match for the two brands.

Aaron Singerman, CEO of Redcon1, enthusiastically stated, "Redcon1's launch into Vitamin World is exciting for both companies. Redcon1 is rapidly growing and changing by the day and to have the support of an established retailer such as Vitamin World is a good feeling. I can’t wait to see what this new partnership brings in the near future as we continue to drive growth for both parties.”

Look for Redcon1 at all Vitamin World locations starting September 1, 2018.

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