Vertical Training  - The Alternative Workout Plan

Vertical Training - The Alternative Workout Plan

With the rise of the internet and the digitalization, many people have the ultimate advantage to use the various different workout plans, diets and bodybuilding concepts. These innovations have the ultimate role to simplify and optimize the bodybuilding process for every bodybuilder out there. And while many have turned to these modern workout and exercise concepts, there is one exercise strategy that is still undermined by many in the fitness industry. That is the vertical training concept. This workout strategy is somewhat underestimated as many bodybuilders see as a light training program. On the other side, many athletes and bodybuilders are using this workout blueprint and have reported some remarkable results. In order to solve this mystery, we will analyze the concept of this alternative form of training.

What is vertical circuit training?
In order to better understand this program, it is important to take a closer look at this training method. Vertical Circuit training refers to a workout concept that divides the training workload vertically instead of horizontally. To be more specific, horizontal training or conventional training is based on a certain number sets of different exercises to perform. You complete all the sets for one exercise and then you move to the next one. On the other side, the vertical concept is based on performing one set of each exercise, in succession. Completing one exercise means completing one circuit. You repeat the circuit method until you have finished the milestone for the day.
One thing that is the same as the conventional training concept is that the rest intervals are based on the overall training objective.

Benefits of vertical training
This training method has a broad spectrum of benefits for the average bodybuilder. Although this may sound like a broad statement, the reality is that the advantages are very diverse compared to the other training methods.

1. Less Fatigue.
The first notable benefit should be observed through the mathematical concept of calculating the fatigue levels. Through a horizontal training, the average user has approximately 1:30 minutes of rest between each set. And if that each set lasts 30 seconds, the user has 2 minutes before starting another set of the same exercise.

On the other side, when a user does a circuit of 5 exercises with the same 1:30 of rest and 30 seconds of exercise, the rest period between two sets of the same exercise will be at 10 minutes. This is beneficial as it can minimize the fatigue in the specific muscle. Moreover, this concept will enable the muscles to be involved in every exercise and provide the maximum level of resistance. In the same time, it can be beneficial for the nervous system as it will be fresher at each set, which will result in higher efficiency thus building more size gains, strength, endurance and power. In other words, a set every 2 minutes, will result in lower exercise fatigue but higher overall fatigue which will maximize the effectiveness of the training session.

2. Better Variation and Diversity
The vertical concept has one unique advantage that is in the core of the program. The changing of the order of the training exercise can result in a creation of a new workout model or plan. This means that it can give the benefit of having a different workout almost every time you hit the gym. This can also be beneficial in the prospect of confusing the muscles and preventing them to adapt to the specific workout plan.

3. Conditioning Impact
This benefit is somewhat complex compared to the other two. In order to get this unique advantage, it is important to take short rest periods between each exercise. The overall result of this short rest intervals can improve the strength endurance in the long-term thus giving the opportunity to move your fitness to the next level. In the same time, this strategy will improve the cardiovascular endurance which can stimulate the fat loss process.

4. It is fun
One of the main challenges for bodybuilders is the prospect of having fun in the gym. When you have to do a lot of sets of any exercise, it can become a little bit boring. However, moving from one exercise to another, from one machine to another can be a good change for the average weightlifter. It can bring also an additional level of fun as you can try various different things on a daily basis. The constant modifications of the training routine can optimize the overall motivation to reach the fitness goals. In the same time, it may look like you are doing less, while the reality is that you will be doing maybe more than usual.

All in all, the vertical concept can be a refreshing change for every bodybuilder. By combining a different set of exercises, the average weightlifter can bring a new dimension to the training sessions which in turn can result with additional gains. The average training time can also be modified based on the current abilities of the user. The Vertical training concept can give you unparalleled gains in whole-body power. With this training regime, you can also get stronger, more vascular, leaner and better prepared for the next challenges in the process of building a lean body physique.

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