Traveling on a Diet - Spouse Wars

Traveling on a Diet - Spouse Wars

Today I would like to discuss traveling when dieting. It’s not easy, and I think a lot of people end up messing up on their diet while traveling.

Since I started the diet I’ve been traveling non-stop, and this month is the worst! I just got back from Pittsburgh, and before that I was on a Disney cruise with the family. This week I leave for Colombia, and next week I’m off to NYC. The following week I’ll be in San Deigo, and immediately when I get home I head to the Arnold Classic weekend! Jeez. I’m tired just writing that. But the truth is these trips are all important and needed for business (and Disney was needed for the family).

The choices are to say to myself, “It’s just too hard to be on a diet with all this traveling”, or to suck it up and make it work! I have decided on the latter, and I would like to tell you exactly how I travel and stay on the diet!

The first step is to be aware that when you eat out restaurants put all kinds of stuff on your food unless you make sure to ask them not to. I always say, “no butter or oil”, because you’d be surprised how much and how often that’s added. Make sure your veggies are STEAMED, and nothing else!

The next step I take is to keep carbs low or as little as possible when I eat out. I often forgo carbs that I should be eating in meals when I’m traveling because they aren’t measured out, and if I’m hungry I tend to eat them regardless.

A BIG one is to bring protein powder with you. My post workout meal and my last meal of the day is isotope, and if I am starving and can’t find clean food I will often replace a meal with an extra shake. Taking that one step further is to have meals with you. You can use services like Nutrichef to ship food to your hotel if need be. Make sure your room has a refrigerator and a microwave.

The #1 most important thing is to be smart. Make smart choices, and be prepared. If your resolve is called into question, and you are tempted, at least you have options! There are always healthy options available! When I travel I usually lose MORE weight that normally because I reduce carbs when eating out, and substitute a meal or two per trip for just protein shakes!

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