Tips to Keep You Motivated Throughout Your Transformation Challenge

Tips to Keep You Motivated Throughout Your Transformation Challenge

The New Year represents the perfect timing for a new beginning. Also, the start of the year is usually the best time to initiate the body transformation process. Now, you have signed up for the Redcon1 Readiness Trials, picked your workout plan and identified the proper diet for achieving your goals. However, after a prolonged holiday season, you might feel exhausted from all the celebrations. Also, this can have a negative impact on your goal to get in good shape. Therefore, it is imperative to stay motivated and dedicated throughout the transformation challenge. In this article, we will provide some tips that will keep you motivated during the process of body transformation.

1. Remember Your Goals
Being motivated can be the catalyst for success in every sphere in life. Therefore, Fitness and bodybuilding are not an exception to this rule. On the contrary, staying motivated during the transformational challenge can be the decisive factor for achieving your goals. That is why it is imperative to remember what your goals are. For example, take a flashback about why you made the ultimate decision to start working out. Also, remind yourself about your main reasons for starting this challenging journey?
Also, have a clear picture of how your body should look after going through this transformation process. Keep an eye on the final prize, $50,000 anyone? Give yourself a self-belief and that will help you to reach the next level in bodybuilding.
This ultimate desire will boost your self-confidence and will motivate you to achieve your goals.

2. Set Up a Short Term Targets
The second notable tip is to be a goal driven. On that note, it is important to emphasize that you must have some short-term targets. It is imperative to have some realistic and specific goals. For example, 200 pounds deadlift in 12 weeks is a concrete short-term target. But, developing six packs in 2 months is probably not. This strategy will ensure steady progress in the gym towards your ultimate goal. Also, achieving these short-term targets will boost your self-confidence and will optimize your motivation to get to the next level.
However, do not get too obsessed with those short-term goals. The reality is that sometimes you will fall short from reaching certain targets. And when that happens, it is crucial to have the right approach. Therefore, look at the failure as an opportunity to learn from the mistakes and improve in the long run.

3. Keep Track Of Your Progress

Another important aspect of the transformation challenge is to check your progress. Yet, this element is somewhat undermined in today’s fast-paced lifestyle.
However, keeping a close eye on your progress can have a galvanizing effect on your motivation and determination. For example, taking pictures of your body at the start and during the transformation process can really motivate you. This is based on the fact that you can compare and see the progress that you have made since day one.

In the same time, it can show how much body fat you have lost during the transformation process. Combined with that, checking your overall weight is a good way to give you a morale boost. Acknowledging your progress will also improve your self-confidence and belief that you can transform your body. Therefore, these two elements are one of the main prerequisites for building motivation.  
Checking your progress weekly or fortnightly is the best way to stay positive and determined. You can also write down your milestones and personal records. The recordings of your achievements can really improve your belief in yourself. Also, it will stimulate you to reach new fitness levels.

4. Change your Workout Routine
One of the negative characteristics of humans is that we are creatures of habit. Most of us do not like to get out of our comfort zones. The same applies in the gym too. When we get into a workout routine, we tend to stick to that for too long. Therefore, after a certain time, the training sessions will become a bit boring. Repeating the same exercises every day can be a factor that can prevent progress. Moreover, it can decrease the motivation of many people. This is based on the fact that the muscles tend to adapt to the exercises. Therefore, there will be less visible gains which be a demotivating factor.
Try to change the exercises in the gym from time to time. This will enable you to feel challenged again thus optimizing your overall motivation. Also, set up some new milestones and try to hit muscle groups that are somewhat undermined. Another idea is that you can combine different workout plans or try some fitness classes. This will give you an additional fun and will motivate you.
For example, trying new core exercises can have a galvanizing effect on the process of developing your abs. Or replace the bench press exercises with dumbbell workouts. Furthermore, this gym trick will stimulate more muscle gains. And there is no better motivation from the sight in the mirror with your new gains.  
All in all, staying motivated is the first pre-condition for successful body transformation. Having the proper determination and focus can be the catalyst for success in the bodybuilding and fitness world. Therefore, it is imperative to implement these tips as it will motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. Having enough motivation can overcome event the hardest barriers in the process of building a lean muscle physique.

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