The Valentine's Day Workout Plan

The Valentine's Day Workout Plan

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we are all thinking about dinner at some fancy restaurant. Or you may choose to stay and home and prepare a romantic dinner for your loved one. Regardless of your Valentine’s day plans, why not hit the gym during the day. After all, working out with your partner can be good for your physical and mental health. Moreover, it can be good for the social aspect of your relationship. Also, working out with your partner can be a great opportunity to try some new exercises you typically wouldn’t do with your spotter. Here is our list for this year.

1. Wheelbarrow Push

This is a good exercise that can be done with your partner. Have your partner grab your feet so that you should start “walking” with your hands. Also, this exercise can offer a broad spectrum of benefits. The most notable is that it can work for a few different muscle groups. The Wheelbarrow push is effective for the chest, shoulders and abs. Additionally, it can have a secondary effect on the triceps as well.

Also, it is a fun couple activity!

2. Squat Jump High Fives

This exercise can be very fun and beneficial at the same time. Start by standing side by side with your partner, close to one foot apart. One should be facing the front and the other partner should face the back. Both of you will need to have the right legs next to each other. Then lower your body and squat back (both partners should have the right legs next to each other). Lower to a squat position, swinging arms in front of the body. Maintain the squat position for 3-5 second and then jump for a high five.

Additionally, it can offer numerous advantages. To be more specific, it improves the overall agility. Moreover, the squat jump high fives can also increase your power levels in the long term. Furthermore, it can improve your vertical jump, long and high jump as well.

3. Partner Pistol Squat

This is another fun exercise for you and your loved one. Start the exercise in a standing position, facing each other. Additionally, focus your balance on the right leg. In the same extent the left leg low in front of the body while holding your partner’s right forearm. Then do a full squat and then return to the starting position. Also, make sure you switch the legs for the exercise to have an effect on both legs.

This exercise can also have a significant effect on various areas. The first is that it can provide a proper strength balance. Moreover, it can improve the posterior chain strength. Furthermore, it can be effective in improving the overall flexibility and mobility.

4. Band Jumps

Start this exercise in a standing position in front of your partner, while facing away. Then, put the resistance band around your waist. Also, your partner should hold the other end with both hands. Bent your knees slightly and then jump forward. Although it sounds simple, you will need to maintain a proper form.

However, make sure you jump by bending the knees, sending hips back. Also maintain your core tight. The general recommendation is to do 10 to 12 reps. Then switch with your partner.

Also, this exercise can be very beneficial. To be more specific, it can improve your overall athletic performance. Moreover, it can increase your acceleration abilities in the long term. And it the same time, it can be very fun!

5.Russian Twist Pass

Another fun exercise for your Valentine’s workout is the Russian twist pass. Start by sitting in a back to back position. Also, make sure there are only a few inches of space between you and your partner. You should hold the medicine ball at chest and with a rotational pass hand it to your partner. Make sure you keep your abs tight during the exercise and pass the ball as quickly as possible.

This exercise can have a good impact on the whole abdomen. Moreover, it can strengthen the rectus abdominals, internal obliques, and the external obliques.

Additionally, it can have significant health benefits. For example, the Russian twist pass can reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases such as strokes and heart attacks.

And at the same time, it can improve the mental state on you and your partner. This can especially beneficial for your mood before the Valentine dinner with your loved one.

Valentine’s Day Exercise with Your Partner

There are several research studies that claim that exercising together with your partner will improve the happiness of your relationship. Moreover, it will be easier to reach your goals when you feel empowered by your loved one.

There are many people that tend to skip their workouts to spend time with their partners. Therefore, Valentine’s day can a perfect opportunity to spend time with your partner. And, you can stay active and engage in healthy physical activity.

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