The Accelerated Growth of Redcon1

The Accelerated Growth of Redcon1

If you've followed since the inception in 2016, you've witnessed the tremendous expansion of Redcon1. This past year in particular was a year for unprecedented growth.

In 2018, REDCON1 introduced 8 new products, including the first ever Ready-to-Drink (RTD) pre-workout, and dozens of new flavor varieties. Additionally, Redcon1 signed a handful of new athletes, including 4x World's Strongest Man Brian Shaw and Social Media sensation, Blessing Awodibu.

However, one of the biggest accomplishments was the global expansion of the brand which is now available in over 70 countries worldwide. Our partnership with Vitamin Shoppe awarded REDCON1 as their biggest sports release, making us one the Top 10 brands in sold in Vitamin Shoppe today. REDCON1 products can be found in all major supplement retailer such as Vitamin Shoppe, GNC,, Muscle & Strength, A1 Supplements, Amazon, along with over 1000 brick and mortar stores nationwide, and growing internationally on a weekly basis. REDCON1 also solidified a new partnership with outdoors and sports giant, Academy Sports, a retailer with 290 locations in 16 states, and now offered on Army and Airforce base exchanges worldwide.

2018 was also a year of accolades for the brand. Fitness Informant titled us Brand of Year and for the 2nd time in a row REDCON1 named Brand of the Year by Stack3d. REDCON1 was also a candidate in Vitamin Shoppe's Battle of the Brands where the final round was REDCON1 vs Kaged Muscle for the championship, where REDCON1 won an unanimous victory in all individual categories as well as the prestigious Battle of the Brand overall award. In addition to the Brand of the Year, fans voted REDCON1 for 4 key major categories -- Best New Product, Best Pre-Workout, Best BCAA and Best Protein Bar.

All that said, there is no slowing down for REDCON1. At the beginning of 2019, we released the first ever breakfast protein bar, B.A.R. with more innovative products in the works.


BAR - Crunchy Cinnamon Bits

RTD - Grape 12 Servings

Green Beret - Chocolate