The 3 Step Muscle Building Plan for 2019

The 3 Step Muscle Building Plan for 2019

The holiday season can bring various challenges for the average bodybuilder. Staying active and maintaining a proper weight are probably the two main targets. However, there is a wrong perception about the holidays. The widespread belief is that you just need to focus on maintaining your fitness levels. Many fitness experts tend to prioritize about how to adapt your workouts and diet during holidays.
However, the holiday time can also be used as the perfect time to maximize your muscle gains. In this article, we analyze how to build muscle during the holidays.

Time Management
One of the positive sides about the holidays is the long breaks. Many people usually get some vacation time during this period. Therefore, you can opt to spend some of it by visiting the gym more often. You might have fewer work obligations. This can help you to intensify your training sessions. The high-intensity workout during this period can be the key element. It can optimize additional muscle growth. Increasing the exercise sessions can directly decrease the potential for a fat gain during the holidays.

Also based on the strategy about building muscle and burning fat at the same time, this idea can really be beneficial. Having said that, it is important to not overwork during this period. Limit your workouts to no more than two hours. If you have some additional time, use it for an extra gym day or two. That extra training can contribute to gaining more muscles. Combined with extra calories, the ultimate result is gaining more muscle mass.

More time for Recovery
The second notable element that can work in your benefit is the potential for better recovery. On that note, it is important to emphasize another benefit of the holiday vacation. It can provide you with extra sleeping hours. Therefore, you will have more time to relax and recover after those hard intensity gym sessions. If you are having trouble coming off that sugar high, check out Redcon1’s Fade Out. Fade Out will help you get the sleep you need while recovering our muscles.
One of the many challenges that weightlifters are facing these days is the lack of rest. The reason is the fast-paced lifestyle and work obligations. The reality is that many people undermine the rest. Also, it seems that many people forget that sleep is one of the key elements for building muscle. But having enough sleep time can galvanize your testosterone levels.
According to a research study, the human growth hormone is at the highest level during the sleep. The lack of sleep can contribute to increasing the levels of catabolic hormones. This can have many negative effects on the body. Better recovery means more muscle growth. It also means better health as well. That is why it is important to rest during the time off. This will allow your muscle cells to grow and recovery.

The Extra Calories Challenge
Many professional fitness trainers point the finger at the extra calories that we consume during the holidays. The holiday period is a time when we tend to eat more.
The reality is that this can be a real problem for many. The negative consequences of overeating are well known by now. However, this can also be seen as an opportunity for gains.

You need to adapt if you will be eating more than usual. Then a muscle-building target is more realistic and achievable. You cannot build muscle without a calorie surplus. That is why this challenge can be turned into an advantage. But we aware that candies, sweets and chocolates will not do the trick. Concentrate on high protein intake with foods. Moreover, these foods should not contain processed sugar and additives. You need to fuel your body with the essential nutrients in order to support muscle growth.
Foods that contain processed sugar tend to increase the estrogen levels. This can decrease the testosterone in the body.

The Bottom Line
The holidays can actually work in your benefit. It should not be seen as a problem. Many bodybuilders secretly are taking advantage of having time off. The benefits are beyond the recovery process.
What's great about having some extra time is that you can make those intense training sessions more frequent. Instead of having two pieces of training per week, switch to three, four or five during the week. You will more time to schedule your workout sessions to fit your holiday parties. Also, you can adapt your meals based on your needs.

The holiday break can help you to focus more on your fitness and bodybuilding.
Adopt a proper diet and meal plan. Consume your main meal around your workout. This is important for the body as it needs protein and carbohydrates in order to repair and rebuild.

The Holiday period can be an opportunity. You will have more time off. You can focus on increasing your muscle gains. By adopting this modification of your bodybuilding plan, you will be immune from the negative impact of the holidays. The Christmas period and the holidays can be your stepping stone. The excess calories, the time off and fewer obligations can galvanize your fitness levels. In the same time, you will be able to relax more during the holidays. But without the worry about potential fat gain.

Rather than trying to avoid everything and everybody, concentrate on your fitness level. You'll also be able to relax and enjoy this special time of year. The holiday period can be an opportunity for a New Start in the gym. Take advantage of it.

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