Stay Healthy During Flu Season

Stay Healthy During Flu Season

Much has been said about the process of building muscle mass. Thanks to the digital era, now everyone is well informed about the importance of the exercise and nutrition plan. Many personal trainers also have voiced the importance of being motivated and dedicated to the process of building muscle.

However, one component that seems to be underestimated is the prospect of staying healthy. Moreover, this can be observed through different areas and certain times of the year. One notable period that can implicate a set of negative consequences in the process of building muscle is the so-called flu season.

Get Enough Sleep Time
As we have discussed previously, having enough sleep can have a galvanizing effect on the process of building muscle mass and recovery. Also, it can be a stepping stone for staying dedicated to the process of body transformation. However, if we look through the prism of staying healthy, having enough sleep can provide a broad spectrum of benefits. The first and foremost is closely related with the prospect of prevention. To be more specific, getting enough sleep can be the main shield from flu. The regular sleep and rest tend to improve the immune system of the body thus acting as the main barrier for certain viruses and bacteria to develop in the body. That is why a stable immune system is key to preventing sickness. And a prerequisite for a good immune system is to be rested and to have enough sleep.

Do Not Skip On The Exercise
The second notable element can also be described as a prevention method. On that note, it is important to emphasize that athletes and bodybuilders should avoid skipping exercise. During the cold and flu period, the weather can be a challenge for many people. Furthermore, many prefer to stay at warm at home rather than going for an exercise. However, this can have a negative effect as it can weaken the immune system. Being active and exercising on a daily basis can be the catalyst for a good and solid immune system. Keeping up with your schedule will enable your body to be in good shape thus maximizing the strength and the internal resistance levels.

Eat a Healthy Diet
Much has been said about the importance of having a good diet plan in the process of building lean muscle mass. In other words, the body enough a constant supply of good nutrients in order to stimulate muscle growth. However, another notable benefit that is not present enough in the mainstream fitness is the influence in maintaining a strong immune system.

The general recommendation is to incorporate a diet that is mostly based on vegetables and fruits combined with lots of protein and omega 3. Athletes should consult with nutrition experts in order to implement a diverse diet that is specially planned for the flu season. To ensure you get all the vitamins and omega’s to get you back on track, we suggest taking Redcon1 Medkit formula.

In the same time, it is wise to modify the diet plan and to include foods such as sauerkraut and miso. These two components have been used by many old-school bodybuilders and athletes as an immune system boosters throughout the years. Furthermore, aged cheeses, greek yogurt and other probiotic-rich foods can have a significant impact on the process of staying healthy during the flu season.

Wash Your Hand and Wipe the Gym Equipment
One common recommendation is to always wash your hands. This is especially important as athletes and bodybuilders are sharing fitness equipment such as dumbbells and machines. This is based on the fact that when in the gym, you can come into contact with people that maybe are already sick or contagious. We do not know the condition of the other users of the equipment and many athletes and bodybuilders get the virus through this common way of spread.  

That is why it is imperative to wash your hands and to wipe the gym equipment such as benches and machines. This is the best protection measure during this period of the year. A small bottle of sanitizer can kill cold and flu germs and should be used during this period.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
When thinking about the flu season, we should also take a not that this period is also filled with several holidays and celebrations. During this time of the year, it is easy to relax and to extend your party time. However, it is imperative to keep the proper lifestyle and to avoid exercise use of alcohol and tobacco. Moreover, it is imperative to reduce the stress levels as these two elements can initiate a certain weakening of the immune thus making the body more vulnerable to the various flu viruses that are present during this time of the year. Athletes and bodybuilders should stay focused on their goals and stay professional during the festive period. In other words, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be another defense perimeter for maintaining a good health during the flu season.

Get the Flu Shot

Even healthy people can get pretty sick from influenza and spread it to others. Some experts believe athletes might be at higher risk of becoming infected if they have a high training load that compromises their immunity. And if infected with the flu, athletes may be at higher risk for complications like myocarditis.

A seasonal flu shot will help you develop antibodies against the viruses contained in the vaccine, greatly reducing your chance of getting infected with the flu. If you do get infected, it will reduce the severity of the illness. Importantly, protecting yourself from flu will also help protect those around you who may be more vulnerable if they become infected (i.e., older people, those with compromised immune systems).

On a conclusive note, we can agree that the flu season can be a real challenge for many athletes and bodybuilders. As they are exposed to a high level of physical demand and contact with other people, the possibility of getting some form of cold or flu is quite high. However, by following this simple guideline athletes and bodybuilders can protect their overall health and well-being during the cold and flu season.

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