Which Squat is Right For YOU?

Which Squat is Right For YOU?

In this instructional video by Redcon1's Head Trainer Joe Bennett, Joe discusses the three different squat variations and how they should be utilized around your ideal goal. For hip dominant squatters, the focus should lay on the glutes and hamstrings to carry the bulk of the load. Range of motion is import, but you do not want to go below parallel as that can cause you to lose a considerable amount of strength out of the bottom position. The second variation is a quad dominant squat (front squat or high bar back squat). Keep the body upright and knees forward. You should be going for full knee flexion. And finally, a competitors squat, or someone who's sport is squatting. This variation of squat should be a combination of the two variances above. Again, Bennett emphasizes selecting exercises based around your individual goal, not just blindly following a program that isn't suited for you.  

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