Redcon1 Tier Operator Program -- Are You Ready to Join the Ranks?

Redcon1 Tier Operator Program -- Are You Ready to Join the Ranks?

If you have made your way onto the Redcon1 website, you’ve most likely seen our awesome videos, taken advantage of the awesome deals, or read up on our arsenal of educational content. Either way, we are glad you are here looking around. Now that you are here, we want you to be aware of a great program Redcon1 offers called the Tier Operator Program.

What is a Tier Operator?

Your mission as a Tier Operator is to spread the word about Redcon1 products and apparel. As you do this, and bring in customers to make purchases you will be rewarded for your work. However, The Redcon1 Tier Operator program is much more than a simple ambassador program. We like to think of our Tier Operators as extended family and treat them as such. Tier Operators receive exclusive access to Redcon1 deals as well as dedicated deals just for Tier Operators, sales contests within the team to earn (even more) awesome prizes, a private discussion forum, and Facebook Group where the talk is more than just sales. Our team discusses workouts, supplements, meal plans, motivation, and really everything that got us into this lifestyle in the first place. You are on a team, not an individual, and everyone is more than willing to help you achieve your goals. We even offer a mentor program, where you can learn from the best who we call our Tier 2 Operators.

Is this program for me?

If you are passionate about health, fitness, Redcon1 products, and helping others, then yes, this program is for you! Unlike many other affiliate programs out there, you don’t have to purchase anything to be part of the team. The only requirements are that you’re passionate about what you do, have an active and public social media account and are not affiliated with another supplement company. Don’t worry if you are not an expert on all things nutrition or supplements, as mentioned earlier we provide our Tier Operators with all the resources they need to be successful in the program. Additionally, Tier Operators often utilize the Redcon1 Customer Service team, along with the Frontline to help with their customers orders as well as their own! This program isn’t just for those that are at their peak fitness level, this is for those who are just starting out in their fitness journey, to those who have been doing it their whole life.

So….are there any perks?

YES! The Tier Operator program is set up with 5 ranks, or Tiers. As a new Tier Operator you will start at Tier 5, with the most elite being Tier 1. The more of your network that uses your unique discount code or personalized link, the higher ranking you earn. Earn enough sales to reach a higher Tier and the incentives start rolling in. We’re talking about free product for Tier 3 and Tier 4 Operators, cash and prizes for Tier 3 and 2. And if you’re bad ass enough to make it to Tier 1 you’ll be taking part in special events along side the Redcon1 HQ team, not to the opportunity to become a Redcon1 Elite Athlete!

Also, each year we host an event specifically for Tier Operators called the Readiness Riot. Check out the recap from last year:

Sounds great, what do I do next?

If you are ready to take the next step to reach your Highest State of Readiness then you’ll want to head over to and complete the application process.  Once you apply it may take up to two weeks to process applications due to the high demand of the Tier Operator program. Our Tier Operator team of Ben and Skylar go through each application to verify that you as an applicant have what it takes to represent the brand in a positive way and can contribute to the team. If you are accepted, you will receive information from the team on how to set up your account and an invite to join the Facebook group. Once you are in there, be sure to introduce yourself to the team, read, be active, and most important, take out the time to review the files section.

You will see me on the forum, Facebook page, and blogs posting from time to time, so if you are a new Tier Operator or thinking of joining feel free to email me, or with any questions you may have about the program. Good luck, and I look forward to working with you as a Tier Operator in the future.

Chris Hazen | @thechrishazen |


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