Reasons You Had a Bad Workout — and How to Fix It

Reasons You Had a Bad Workout — and How to Fix It

Many of us have the common goal of a building a lean muscle physique. A body transformation that will result in sculptured body type. This process is closely related to various different factors. After all, now everyone is aware of the conventional blueprint about how to build muscle. Yet, the reality is that many people do not see the results of their workouts. Sometimes even after following a disciplined strategy in the process of transforming. Are you also spending hours working out every week and not getting the results you want?

More often than not, many have the feeling that they had a bad workout. Of course, this is unintentional, but unfortunately, it has the potential to prevent your progress in the gym. Therefore, not being aware of the problem is actually the main source of the issue. That is why it is important to identify why you had a bad workout session. And more important, how to fix it.

1. You Skip Meals

The first notable issue that is relatively undermined is working out on an empty stomach. There many bodybuilders that have adopted this strategy. The reason is behind this is the belief that they will get leaner in a short period of time. Furthermore, there is some fitness plan out there promote this as part of the cutting calories system. However, the reality is that having a snack before exercising is good. It can actually provide you with the needed energy for your activity. Also, it can stabilize your body during the workout.

Therefore, the best pre-workout snack combination is to have a small number of carbohydrates. Try to combine it with some protein. Also, fruits can be a good alternative.

2. You Overtrain

The second notable issue is closely related with the length and the intensity of your workouts. On that note, it is important to emphasize that the many rookies in the gym tend to overtrain. For example, some people may do too many reps or sets. Another problem can be prolonged workouts. These two elements together can result in an ineffective workout. Also, this can be a long term challenge. Therefore, it is imperative to take some action. Something that will eliminate that problem.

A potential solution is to get a proper workout plan. Moreover, the specific blueprint should be adapted to your current abilities. And also to your long term goals. Your exercise plan should be based on certain milestones and short results. Therefore, these unique components can be the solution for the above-mentioned problems. Simply said, develop a strict workout schedule. A plan that involves different activities, different intensity levels, and different session lengths.

3. Moderate Pace

As we have discussed, overtraining can be one of the main factors that can destroy your workouts. However, undertraining can also be a potential problem. In other words, having a soft approach towards your daily exercise can create a false impression of progress. Spending hours in the gym by doing the same exercises every day is not progress. Also training with the same low pace can lead to bad workout. A slow(or moderate) pace can be the main preventive factor from reaching new fitness levels.

However, the solution is pretty simple and obvious. Try to challenge yourself every time you are in the gym. Moreover, put yourself some short term targets. Combine a different set of exercises during your workouts. For example, plan a chest day that will include cable exercises combined with the bench press. Then your next chest day can be based on dumbbell exercises.

4. You Do not Sleep Enough
Having enough sleep is one of the main prerequisites for building lean muscle mass. Moreover, sleep and rest in general can have a galvanizing effect overall. But mostly on the recovery process which in turn can help to build muscles. Yet, many people suffer from not having enough rest. This condition can have a direct impact on the effectiveness of your workout sessions. If you are not rested you can’t perform at the necessary level.

Therefore, the end result is a constant ineffective and futile workout session. Nevertheless, the solution is not that complicated. Get enough rest. Also, allocate more time for sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, or not able to get enough sleep, try Redcon1’s Fadeout, it will help you fall asleep fast and put you in a deep sleep for maximum recovery. Getting enough rest can have a positive cognitive and physical impact. In the same time, it can increase your awareness and mental state. All in all, the end result can be a more effective workout. An exercise session that can maximize your fitness progress.

5. You Avoid Dietary Supplements

One of the best innovations in the fitness industry are the various dietary supplements. Moreover, these revolutionary products represent an indivisible part of the modern bodybuilding mosaic. Yes, there are weightlifters and bodybuilders that do not use these evolutionary formulas. But they have decreased levels of protein synthesis, prolonging the recovery process.

Also, there is an increased level of fatigue and tiredness. Therefore, the end result is a significant decrease in the effectiveness of your training sessions. And more often than not, these factors can lead to bad workouts.

That is where these innovative products come into the picture. For example, using Total War pre-workout formula can optimize your abilities. Also, it will enable to challenge yourself in the gym. Moreover, the various protein supplements like Isotope and Ration can have a galvanizing effect on your muscle gains. Also, the recovery supplements Tango and Grunt can prepare the body for the next challenges. A combination all of these elements is essential for progress. The end result is improved efficiency of your workouts.

On a final note, we can conclude that there are many elements that can lead to bad workouts. However, it is important to understand that almost every challenge has a quick solution. And it happens that you follow any of these negative habits, adopt these solutions. Therefore, you will become more efficient and successful in the gym.

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