Put Massive Arms on Your Christmas List - The Holiday Starter Plan

Put Massive Arms on Your Christmas List - The Holiday Starter Plan

The holidays can be quite challenging and complex. Especially for those that aim to develop a well-defined muscle physique. Often we hear that the holidays do not go along with the prospect of staying fit. As we’ve mentioned, various celebrations bring many festive gatherings. These events are stuffed with calorie and sugar-packed desserts, overeating and increased alcohol consumption. If you are like me, we love to eat after all. However, the last thing that anyone wants during these few weeks is to undermine all of the hard work throughout the year.

The main talking point is about preventing strategies. Yet, the reality is that the holiday period can be the turning point in the right direction. Building lean muscle mass during December is not as impossible as many think. On the contrary. It can be a great opportunity for developing certain muscle groups. In this article, we will provide a plan for how to build massive arms during the festive period.

Pick the Right Combination
You have worked hard during the year and you have some solid results. However, your arms are still not at the necessary level. There might be a few reasons behind this. One might be that you do not have the proper combination. On that note, it is important to emphasize that there are various exercise plans out there that promise results. However, one method that has been backed by many old-school bodybuilders is to work out your biceps, triceps and forearms on the same day. This strategy has various advantages. The first notable benefit is related to supersetting, (or doing a back to back biceps and triceps exercise). With supersetting, you should accomplish more work in a shorter time. This will create a significant domino effect. It will result in even better results. Moreover, it diminishes the possibility of weak links in the arms. Furthermore, by exercising the three main arms muscles at the same time, you will enable the whole arms to expand during the workout. This is somewhat undermined. Yet, it is really effective. The ideal time to start this combination is probably the holiday period. This is based on the fact that you will probably skip some gym days. Also, your ability to hit different muscle groups every day might be limited during the holidays.

Better Recovery 
It also important to better understand this combination. It is imperative to know that Biceps is a ‘pull’ body part and triceps are a ‘push.’ This is one of the key components of this Holiday starter program. The main reason behind that is the possibility of the pre-exhaustion condition will be significantly decreased. It is always better to do the arms exercises more than once a week. By doing them together, you will be able to have an extended few days rests. That way, you can hit them again in a few days. And with the same high intensity as the last workout. The end result is pretty simple – Bigger and Stronger Arms. Also, this strategy will give you some days off the gym in order to focus on your Christmas activities.

The Post – Holidays Stage
Try to maximize the effectiveness of this plan. You can achieve that by staying committed in the post-holiday period. The blueprint for this second stage is also pretty simple and straightforward. In other words, you just need to maintain your focus, patience and dedication. Start the year by having three arms days per week (if you exercise 6 days a week) or two arms days (if you workout 5 days a week). This will enable you to shock your muscles. Also, it will optimize the biceps and triceps growth.

Also, make sure that your training splits are properly set up. Allow 2 days for adequate rest and recovery. This segment should not be undermined. It actually detrimental as it can encourage strength and rebuilding.

Additionally, it is imperative to switch some of the exercises you do for biceps and triceps. A combination of seated and standing exercises can do the trick. However, it crucial to implement exercises for different muscle heads. This can increase the focus on building a well-defined physique. The right balance can have a galvanizing effect on your gains.
Building massive arms is perhaps an indivisible part of modern bodybuilding. Sometimes the body needs to use isolation methods to strengthen certain muscle groups. The weak spots prevent your big lifts from going up. That is where this strategy comes into place. Based on the concept and the steady increase in workload, the holiday period is the best time to implement this plan. It represents the perfect compromise between celebrating and staying fit. Also, it can be a good platform for further improvement.

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