Pumping the Product Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Pumping the Product Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Today’s modern fitness world is heavily influenced by many professionals and notable athletes. One of those greats and probably the biggest bodybuilding icon of all time is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Austrian Oak has accomplished almost every goal that he had during his career. Arnold has also revolutionized the fitness industry. However, the former 7 times Mr Olympia has also left a significant impact through some of his commercial work throughout the world. Most notably, the Terminator had a significant marketing impact in the far east.

We have all done some odd jobs in our lives. From babysitting to walking dogs etc. After all, in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we all need that additional income. Celebrities are the same. As a matter of fact, some of them might even need more income sources to cover their large expenses. But Arnold's commercial work is also something that has left a legacy for many celebrities to follow. And as we are getting ready for Arnold’s Classics, we should also take a look at some of his funny commercials.

1. Arnold’s Bourbon

Long before he killed the Predator and becoming the governor, Arnold had developed some rough sales talent. Moreover, his sales pitching skills can be seen in his 1977 Pumping Iron documentary. Here you can see this young bodybuilder trying to sell Jim Beam on which the cameraman is having a good laugh. According to Arnold, this bourbon is the main protein supplements for many bodybuilders… Maybe it is one of those secret old school tips for building massive biceps…Take Bourbon for the Pump! Well, according to Arnold.

2. Japan Calling

Many are unfamiliar with Arnold’s commercial and marketing work in the far east. When Japan called, the Austrian Oak took the chance. Moreover, he completed more than 30 commercials in Japan and China. Most of these videos are funny and different at the same time.

Here, in a commercial for Nissin’s Cup of Noodles in which Schwarzenegger is imagining that he’s a clock. Or he just might show how the soup noodles are made. Or, at least I assume that’s the story. You be the judge.

Additionally, Mr Olympia filmed a series of other commercials in Asia. Another notable mark of Schwarzenegger’s Japanese work is the promotion of the energy drink Alinamin from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. The resulting commercial was a state after you drink approximately 8 energy drinks in a row. Or the commercial for “Go West” coffee where you can see an Arnold version of the Dirty Harry.

Arnold Schwarzenegger work in Asia had a significant impact on many other celebrities According to a research study, Arnold is still one of 20 most engaging foreign celebrities in China. Therefore, the power of these commercials should not be underestimated.

All of this brings us to the upcoming Arnolds Classic. The expectations are huge and the reason is simple. Even these commercial are an indicator that Arnold’s work is effective, memorable and exciting.

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