Phosphatidic Acid – What Do You Need to Know?

Phosphatidic Acid – What Do You Need to Know?

As we have stated before, the dietary supplements are one of the key elements in the process of building muscle mass. These unique formulas are based on a strict combination of different valuable elements. There are certain compounds that are somewhat undermined. And there are others that are not researched enough. Whatever is the case, some of those compounds can actually have a galvanizing effect on the process of building a lean muscle physique. In this regard, the two key concepts about these supplement formulas are their ability to stimulate the Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) and the Muscle Protein Breakdown (MPB). Therefore, Redcon1 has come up with a revolutionary product known as 11 Bravo.

Phosphatidic Acid – What do You Need to Know

In order to understand this unique element, it is imperative to do a more detailed analysis of the Phosphatidic Acid. Phospholipids are a separate type of dietary supplement that has been studied about their athletic and fitness impact. Moreover, the Phosphatidic Acid is a form of a phospholipid that makes up a small percentage of the phospholipid pool. Also, this unique compound is formed by two fatty acids and a phosphate group. These elements are in a covalent bond that forms a glycerol molecule. And the role of this hybrid molecule is to act as signaling lipid and is present in the cell membranes. Simply said, it has a stimulating role in the process of protein processing in the body system.

Protein Synthesis Catalysator

The Phosphatidic Acid in 11 Bravo is also beneficial as it can optimize the overall protein synthesis. The theory behind this claim is closely related to the process of signaling the critical regulator of muscle protein synthesis. At the same time, it can maximize the muscle protein breakdown, and the element that has the ability to stimulate both can be the main element behind the potential muscle gains. However, it is important to emphasize that Phosphatidic Acid can only work in a combination of resistance training and regular daily protein intake like Redcon1's Isotope, MRE, Green Beret, or Ration. The end result is a processed protein into a lean muscle mass. 11 Bravo does not have a significant effect when used on its own. But when combined with protein and exercise, this new element can show great results. This is supported by a research study that showed supplements that contain phosphatic acid combined with resistance training can increase muscle mass. Therefore, it is safe to say that 11 Bravo (link) can be effective in the process of building a lean muscle.

Strength and Fat Loss Catalysator

Phosphatic Acid is a radical change in the dietary supplements arsenal. However, it is not just an effective element that can help to build muscle. On the contrary, this compound has the unique ability to influence the process of gaining strength. This claim is supported by a research study from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, the Phosphatic Acid can improve the strength levels.
Another study analyzed the strength gains in resistance-trained men that used Phosphatic acid showed some remarkable results. According to the report, subjects ingesting PA demonstrated a 12.7% increase in squat strength while subjects consuming Phosphatic Acid showed a 9.3% improvement in squat strength. 
Therefore, it is safe to say that this element is a great fit for most bodybuilders, powerlifters and athletes. Also, it can be beneficial for recreational weightlifters as it can help them in the process of building their strength levels.

Another advantage of 11 Bravo is it can target the fat molecules in the body. However, it is important to emphasize that this benefit can only be ignited with a few prerequisites. To be more specific, 11 Bravo can be effective in the fat loss process as long as there is a strong weight resistance program in place, combined with adequate protein intake. Recent data showed that the subjects taking the Phosphatic Acid can double the loss of fat mass compared to those that do not use this element.

All Around Product

Based on the mentioned findings and research studies, it is safe to say that 11 Bravo is an all round product. Also, it is important to mention that 11 Bravo can be found naturally in foods. However, the presence of it is in extremely small quantities. For example, the largest amount is found in cabbage, which contains 0.5 milligrams per gram. Therefore, this is not enough and cannot prompt any significant effects on the body. That is why a product like 11 Bravo can be an effective solution. The reason is pretty simple and straightforward. It can be an all round product. This is based on the fact that we have stated before. The supplements containing Phosphatidic Acid can optimize the protein synthesis and protein breakdown. In the same time, it can improve your strength levels and double the fat loss process.

The Bottom Line
The fitness industry is one of the main components of today’s modern bodybuilding. Also, their never-ending innovations have changed the perception of this unique sport. And the inclusion of different compounds ultimately improved the effectiveness of many standardized formulas. Redcon1’s 11 Bravo is one of those products that can revolutionize the supplement industry. With its all-around effect on the process of building a lean body physique, it just might be the key puzzle in your quest to reach your fitness goals.

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