Obesogen – The Unknown Fat Accumulation Agent

Obesogen – The Unknown Fat Accumulation Agent

One of the main elements of a successful body transformation is to control body fat levels. And to achieve that, you will need to follow certain guidelines. And many gym regulars do focus on the workout program and the diet plan. And the general belief is that these are the key elements in the process of building muscle. However, one segment that is somewhat undermined is the role of the obesogens in the process of body transformation. Therefore, we will analyze the impact of the obesogens in the body transformation process.

In order to control the estrogen level, you need to control your sugar intake. And that is the primary source. Also, thanks to the fitness industry – many people are now aware of this. However, there are some hidden sources. Especially, in today’s era of processed foods, the estrogen presence is higher than ever. Also, many of these foods contain obesogens. And these complex compounds can significantly increase the presence of estrogen in the system. This is especially negative for many people that work hard to transform their body.

But what are the Obesogens and how they can affect the body transformation process? To analyze that, we need to understand what the obesogens are. Obesogens can be described as chemical compounds that disrupt normal development and balance of the metabolism. Moreover, on many occasions which in some cases, these elements can create obesity problems. According to a research study, obesogens are one of the main generators for increased fat. Also, it is important to emphasize that many bodybuilders are not aware that these compounds can accumulate fat. Also, many weightlifters tend to focus on how much protein a certain food contains. And often than not, they underestimate the potential negative elements that are present in certain foods.

Furthermore, obesogens can decrease energy levels in the long term. Also, another study has shown that these chemical compounds can undermine the regulation of appetite. Another challenge is that these agents can disrupt the hormonal balance, including higher levels of estrogen. Simply said, the obesogens can create many alternations in the body system. These anomalies can create numerous challenges that can prevent your progress in the process of body transformation.

For example, a diet plan that consists of foods that are high in obesogens can decrease your gains. Moreover, it can make the muscle tissue significantly softer. Many bodybuilders that consume high obesogens foods often have problems with polishing the muscles. And the result is big and visible muscles but a weak definition. This is because the muscle mass has certain layers of accumulated fats around. And these fat cells are accumulated under the influence of the obesogens.

Where Obesogens Can be Found
To tackle the negative effect of the obesogens, we need to pinpoint the sources. Also, it is important to emphasize that even some healthy foods may contain high levels of obesogens. This can occur during farming and other food manipulations that occur before the product is set for the market. Therefore, some fruits and vegetables may contain obesogens. The second notable source is the various canned products. Moreover, these foods contain Bisphenol A which is a form of obesogens. 
Also, there is a general perception that canned foods are not health friendly. One of those reasons is the high presence of obesogens.

Another factor is animal products. However, it is important to distinguish by the way the animals are fed. For example, most of today’s pork, beef and chicken contain certain growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics. These elements can create numerous challenges for the body system. Also, these compounds can create certain levels of obesogens which leads to fat in the animal and the consumer.

An example that should be analyzed is the chicken. To be more specific, chicken that contains hormones and obesogens can also provide the body with protein. However, it can also have a dual effect as it can generate a state of accumulated fat. And for the average bodybuilder, this can be very challenging. From one side it will build muscle mass and from another, it will also store fat.

Additionally, you should always check the levels of fructose, sweet additives, corn syrup, sodas etc. This is since these compounds can make your liver insulin resistant and tampers with leptin to increase your hunger. Moreover, it will create a cycle where your food intake can easily turn into fat.

There is a certain way to tackle the issue of obesogens and accumulated fat.
The first notable option to prefer organic foods. This is since organic fresh fruit and vegetables usually do not have additional manipulative agents. This can also have a galvanizing effect on your fitness level and health. Another idea is to reduce the use of plastics and products that are packed in plastic materials.

Today’s food production process is based on certain modifications. Based on the high demand, many producers tend to use obesogens. And these chemical compounds have the potential to undermine your success in the gym. Additionally, the obesogens have a direct impact on the process of accumulating fat in the body. That is why it is crucial to be aware of the presence of these agents. And most importantly, to have proper control of how much obesogens you consume through your meals. That way you can maximize your bodybuilding and fitness progress.

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