Nutritional Needs to Stay Fit this Holiday Season

Nutritional Needs to Stay Fit this Holiday Season

The holiday season is here with Christmas and the New Year’s Eve just around the corner. It is the time of the year for celebration, family reunion joy and happiness. However, this festive period can be a real challenge for many people, especially for those that are active throughout the year. From the potential of gaining some extra weight, to maybe the inevitable curse of skipping training sessions, athletes need to stay vigilant during this period. Also, many fitness experts emphasize the need to stay active during this period combined with a proper diet plan. The latter can be achieved by consuming some of the essential nutrients that can optimize your fitness levels. That is why is imperative to know the body’s nutritional needs during the holiday season.

Pick the Right Foods
The month of December has the potential to increase the overall fatigue levels. This is based on the fact that we have an increased number of activities and events on the schedule. In order to satisfy your nutritional needs, start the day with foods that can have the role of energy boosters and foods that are essential for the recovery of the muscles cells.

The first and main element that needs to be considered is the protein. The proteins are the main nutrient in every fit and healthy diet out there. Consuming protein is one of the integral parts of the well-known strategy for building a lean muscle mass. During the Christmas period, it is imperative to consume protein based foods in order to maintain the muscle mass. This represents one of the main prerequisites of staying fit during the during this complex time of the year. Beef, chicken and other foods are great sources of protein and should be consumed during the holiday period. Also, eggs can be a good option as well. This is because eggs contain a healthy combination of nutrients such as protein, zinc and iron. In other words, eating eggs can optimize muscle growth, give energy and maintain a low blood sugar – an important element during the Christmas period.

Complex Carbohydrates
The complex carbohydrates have the unique role to fuel the body with the necessary energy during the holiday period. One notable food where these essential nutrients can be found are the various fruits. They are based on a combination of healthy complex carbohydrates that have the role to generate energy in the body.

Staying hydrated during this time of the year can have a significant impact on your overall health and staying fit. Cantaloupe and especially watermelon are the best choices as they contain a high amount of water thus keeping the body hydrated.

Furthermore, eating vegetables and fruit is a great way to balance out calorie-rich foods that you may eat during the holiday period.

Another notable advice is to consume whole grains based foods. Whole grains are a great source for complex carbohydrates and can fuel the body with energy during this demanding period. Also, the whole grains are rich in magnesium that is an added bonus for maintaining a fit body. Quinoa is one of the most effective grains out there as it is based on carbohydrates and also has a high protein level. Another healthy option can be brown rice and wild rice. To make the most out of the carbohydrates you are consuming, we suggest incorporating a serving of Redcon1 RPG with your highest two carb meals during the day, which will help your body stay in a much greater anabolic environment for gaining muscle and burning fat.

Protein and Complex Carbohydrates
Another element that you need to include in your diet during the holiday season is foods based on protein and carbohydrates. On that note, it is important to emphasize that this unique combination can offer a broad spectrum of benefits in the process of staying fit for Christmas. The first notable advantage is closely related to the slow digestion process. For example, foods such as Greek Yogurt and Icelandic Yogurt are good sources for sustained energy combined with fueling the body to maintain or gain more muscle mass. If you are short on time and need to fuel up, Redcon1 MRE has you covered with animal based proteins to maintain your anabolic state.

From a more broad perspective, consuming dairy products can significantly contribute towards satisfying the nutritional needs of the body during the festive period. This is based on the fact, that the carbs and the protein in the dairy foods can optimize the replenishing process of the electrolytes. Also, there are various research studies that drinking milk products can optimize muscle growth and improve the overall muscle recovery.


Fiber is another element that has the key role in every healthy diet. This essential nutrient can be found in various different foods. Yet, the first that comes to mind is the different types of beans. On that note, it is important to know that beans can provide the necessary fiber thus extending and improving the energy boost generated from the presence of the carbohydrates. Moreover, the presence of magnesium can have a positive impact on the process of recovery. These two aspects are crucial. Many people need an increased energy during the Christmas period since there are a lot of activities. Also, improving the recovery can optimize and prepare the body for the next challenges during this complex period of the year.

Also, it is recommended to focus on foods that combine protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates. The reason behind this is based on a quite simple formula. First, the protein can be the catalyst for muscle growth and maintenance. Also, it can act as a secondary source for energy. The complex carbohydrates will have the role of fueling the body with the necessary energy during the festive period. This way, you can prevent the body from burning the muscle mass as an energy source during the holiday period. And the third effect is the fiber unique role to optimize and improve the effectiveness of the carbohydrates in the process of fueling energy.

The holiday period can certainly be demanding for the body. The numerous Christmas obligations while still being active can be challenging for many people. Also, staying fit for the holiday season may seem like a mission impossible. However, knowing your nutritional needs is the primary step in the process of staying fit during the holiday period.

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