Largest Sports Nutrition Launch in Vitamin Shoppe History

Largest Sports Nutrition Launch in Vitamin Shoppe History

Boca Raton, FL, May 16, 2018 – Starting June 1st, Redcon1 supplements will be available at all Vitamin Shoppe locations across the United States. The brand will be launching 28 skus in over 800 locations with the premier supplement retailer. This landmark move comes less than 2 years since Redcon1’s launch into the sports nutrition industry.  

Vitamin Shoppe (VSI) is viewed as the ‘gold standard’ for nutritional supplement retailers, providing consumers a one-stop shop for all of their health and nutritional needs. In addition to providing the best selection of products on the market, Vitamin Shoppe utilizes its knowledgeable Health Enthusiasts to properly educate consumers to match their goals and supplement needs.   This dedication to helping the consumer reach their goal makes the partnership an ideal match for the two brands.

Aaron Singerman, CEO of Redcon1, enthusiastically stated, “Redcon1’s launch into Vitamin Shoppe is coming at a great time for both brands. The company is expanding globally, introducing new products every month and now at Vitamin Shoppe. Things couldn’t be more exciting for Redcon1. We can’t wait to be Vitamin Shoppes top selling brand this year.”

Look for Redcon1 at all Vitamin Shoppe locations starting June 1, 2018.  

About Redcon1

Redcon1 features supplements and apparel that appeals to the serious athlete, fitness enthusiast, weekend warrior, and all beginners. Its strong military branding is highlighted by over 4,500 Tier Operators around the world, many of which are currently serving with or are retired from the United States armed forces. The products and brand feature transparent, efficacious formulas that deliver real results while building a true brand that stands for something – hard-work, honesty, and integrity.