Ketogenic Diet and Bodybuilding

Ketogenic Diet and Bodybuilding

In today’s digital age, there are constant developments and innovations that have the role to simplify the life of the people. The fitness and bodybuilding industry is not an exception as there are numerous fitness plans, diets and other elements that can help the average users. One notable diet plan that is gaining popularity among the fitness enthusiasts is the so-called Ketogenic Diet. However, not many people are aware of the connection between ketogenic and bodybuilding. In this article, we will analyze how the unique diet can help bodybuilders in the process of building a lean body physique.

What is the Ketogenic Diet
Before going into a more concrete analysis, it is imperative to understand what exactly is the ketogenic diet. It is important to emphasize that this diet concept is based on the prospect of minimizing the carbs intake combined with an increased fats intake. The main reason behind this pattern is the overall goal to make the body to use fat as the main form of producing energy. In other words, the overall goal is to make the body to start burning the body fat as the main source for the daily energy needs. According to the diet outline, the recommendation is to have 70% of the daily calorie intake to be based on fats. The Carb calories should be no more than 10% of the total calorie intake. Combined with that, the protein from calories should be up to 30% of the total intake. However, it is important to underline that everyone has a different body and genetics and that is why it is recommended to adjust this diet accordingly. The second step of this diet comes after approximately seven days when the body enters into the ketosis phase. This is a state when the body system does not have enough carbs to burn in order to produce the necessary energy. So to compensate, the human body in this phase is starting to produce ketones. These elements have an organic origin and the body is using the ketones as a replacement for the lack of carb presence in the system. In the same time, this diet initiates an increased fat burning process thus enabling the average bodybuilder to have more energy for exercise. However, it is important to have a proper protein intake in order to protect the muscles from burning and to direct the body to look at the stored fat as a source for producing energy.

Ketogenic Diet and Bodybuilding – Advantages and Benefits
In order to better understand the concept of the ketogenic diet, it is imperative to look at the benefits and advantages of this revolutionary diet for the bodybuilders.
The first and foremost is closely related with the protein intake. As we are well aware, the bodybuilding process needs a solid protein intake in order to build the desired muscle mass. The ketogenic diet is protein friendly and allows the bodybuilders and weightlifters to consume their necessary protein through various foods instead of using a different form of processed protein products. This can be beneficial as it gives an additional level of freedom to eat different foods that are high in protein.
Another important element is based on the fact that bodybuilders can rely on the so-called fast digesting proteins like Redcon1 Isotope. These proteins can be absorbed quickly which in turn can optimize the muscle growth process.

The second notable advantage of the ketogenic diet is based on the prospect of building the desired lean body physique. Although this diet is based on the concept of lower protein intake, it has a broader effect as it allows the users to get more from the protein intake. To be more specific, by consuming different foods that are high in protein content can maximize the results in the long term. Also, the diet is more diverse as it aims towards consuming fresh produce and fast prepared foods such as skilled vegetables, fried meats etc.

Another benefit of the ketogenic diet is it can cut the additional and often unnecessary appetite. This is based on the fact that the ketogenic dieting concept tends to minimize the carb intake. This is beneficial as it can eliminate the consuming of various snacks during the day. Moreover, it ensures consuming foods that have nutritional value.
In the same time, cutting those small meals can prevent (to a certain degree) potential fat gains thus minimizing the muscle growth.

How to Maintain the Ketogenic Diet
While it may be easy to start this diet, the prospect of maintaining this plan for a certain period of time can be challenging. Many bodybuilders are not able to reach the stage where the results are really noticeable. That is why it is imperative to consume enough protein. The daily intake of protein can serve as a shield for the current muscle state of the body and can provide the basis for future muscle growth. Foods such as eggs, fish, dairy products and meats are a great source of protein that is essential for ketogenic dieters.
Combined with that, ketogenic bodybuilders need to pay attention to the daily calorie intake. The process of burning fat on a low carb diet is based on a higher calorie intake. In other words, bodybuilders still need to have enough protein in order to initiate protein synthesis which is crucial for muscle growth. Lucky enough Redcon1 offers MRE Lite that is high in protein with almost no carbs.

The Ketogenic diet can provide a broad spectrum of benefits for the average weightlifter. The bottom line is that many bodybuilders face a real challenge in the process of burning fat. However, the ketogenic diet might be the answer that can solve this complex issue in the long term.

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