How to Stay Active While Healing Your Injury: The Lightweight Routine

How to Stay Active While Healing Your Injury: The Lightweight Routine

Being an athlete or a bodybuilder is something that can cause many challenges. The intense workouts and strict diet plans often take its toll on many weightlifters. The occurrence of injuries is quite often in the weight room. And there can be several reasons for that. However, the ultimate question here is how to stay active in the gym while healing from a certain injury? The reality is that there is no strict answer. To be more specific, every injury is different and can cause different consequences. Therefore, it is imperative to analyze this issue through the prism of certain muscle groups. Since I recently went through the Redcon1 Readiness Trials with a messed up rotator cuff, I am will will provide some tips about how to stay active while you heal your shoulder injury.

Staying Active
Many bodybuilders and athletes that are injured often fear that they will drop their fitness levels. Many expect that they will be out of training during the healing process. However, there are ways about staying active while suffering from a certain injury. Moreover, there are many research studies have shown that you can maintain your fitness level even when you suffer from injury.

To be more specific, the shoulder and upper body injuries most often will allow you to stay active in the gym. For example, the shoulder injuries will not prevent you from walking, cycling, stair climbing and other cardio training. Moreover, these training activities will maintain strength and power in the non-injured parts of the body.

Activities such as stationary and leg workout will not cause a negative effect on your shoulder injury. Combined with that you can perform low back exercises and abs workouts. Furthermore, treadmill walking and elliptical trainer can also be a good option.

The Routine
Some shoulder injuries can be really unpleasant and hard. But, the key question here is how to be able to do a shoulder exercise while suffering from a light shoulder injury? Especially when you aim to improve your fitness levels. That is why you need a proper routine that will not have a negative impact on your shoulder injury. However, with some of the light shoulder injuries, this goal is still possible. There are certain routines that will enable you to exercise the problematic area while not having any negative effect on the healing process. And having a well developed lightweight routine can be a good workout alternative during the healing period.

I  - Front Raise
The first exercise that can be helpful is the Front Raise. This exercise is important as it can prompt the growth of the deltoid muscles, even during the healing process. Moreover, the general recommendation is to use plates for the exercise in this case. The reason behind this is that the plates will enable both shoulders to work in a combined and simultaneous effort, rather than focusing just on one.

II – Rear Delts
The second location that can be developed while suffering from light shoulder injury are the rear delts. Find movements that can directly target the rear deltoid. However, during the healing period of a shoulder injury, it is important to modify this exercise for these muscles.
For example, a reverse delt rise can be a good alternative when done with plates. This is beneficial it gives you better control of your range of movement. Additionally, it can be done with lower weight and limited movement. Therefore, this can be beneficial as it can keep your shoulder fit. And at the same time, it will not put too much pressure. The end result is a steady healing process while still being active.

III - Partial Upright Rows
This is another beneficial exercise during the healing period. Also, this movement is good for the lateral and rear deltoids. However, same as other exercises, try not to go too high on the finishing motion of the movement. This is extremely important as it will limit the tension in the shoulder. Furthermore, this exercise should be done with lightweight as any possible sudden moves with heavy weight can be bad for the injury.

IV - Side Lateral Raises
Even when suffering from a light shoulder injury, it is still possible to polish and sculpt your deltoids. On that note, it is important to emphasize that the side lateral raises exercise is the perfect option for this. Furthermore, it is recommended to use plates or lightweight dumbbells. The reason is that plates or lightweight dumbbells will enable you to have a more natural movement.  Compared to that, if you use a cable machine, the movement is locked and fixed. And if your shoulder is not capable of full motion, it results with a further injury escalation.

TIPS: The first important advice is to warm up thoroughly before the workout.
Also, it is recommended to perform each exercise from 40 to 60 seconds. Combined with a least 30 seconds of rest between the exercises. Additionally, the routine should be completed no more than three times.

Same as in any other sport, the injuries are a common problem in bodybuilding. And in many cases, some of these injuries can create numerous setbacks on the process of body transformation. However, by following this routine you can still stay active. Moreover, these simple exercises will allow you to maintain a solid shape of your shoulders without undermining the healing process. Nevertheless, it is important to consult with a doctor and fitness expert. That way you will know if this routine will be a good option during the healing period.

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