How to Improve Your Metabolism Rate

How to Improve Your Metabolism Rate

As you can see by many of the Redcon1 Transformation before/after photos, a body transformation requires a lot of work and determination. Also, there are certain factors that can make the physique evolution a lot easier. From the diet plan to the prospect of having an adapted workout plan. Everything is important. However, one other element that can have a strong role in the process of building muscle is a high metabolism. By boosting your metabolism, you can achieve your fitness goals on the fast track. In this article, we will analyze some tips about how to improve your metabolism rate.

1. Avoid Big Meals
The first change you should consider is modifying your meal portions. While eating more is good to raise your metabolism level, it is important to avoid large meals. This is based on the fact that digesting food can take a lot of energy. Moreover, some foods that are high in protein also require a lot of energy in order to be digested. Simply said, the bigger the meal is, the more time and energy is required for the system to process it. Therefore, if you adopt a meal plan with 5-6 smaller meals during the day, the result will be an improved metabolism.

Another theory that supports this claim is how the body works. To be more specific, when you are not eating, the metabolism usually slows down. And this is especially notable in the “three meal plan”. Simply said when your body doesn't get food, your metabolism slows down. Then the body turns to the body fat to use it as an energy source. Therefore, this might be good for fat burn and weight loss. However, if you want to build muscle mass, you should adopt the “multiple light meal plan”. Try to consistently eat every three hours during the day. That way your metabolism will improve in the long term. In the same time, this strategy will prevent possible overeating (a common problem for many after a workout session). And this will prevent possible weight gain.

2. The High-Intensity Interval Training Method
Much has said about the importance of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It is safe to say that it is one of the main prerequisites in the process of building lean muscle mass. Also, it is a very effective method to improve your metabolism. This is based on the fact that this type of workout is based on intense and quick activities. Therefore, the results are improved calorie processing.
Also, HIIT can generate a significant metabolic activity and can maintain that state for a few hours after the workout. For example, if you consume a large meal after the HIIT workout, your metabolism will be stimulated to process those calories. In other words, your body will still burn calories even after the exercise is over.
According to a research study, high-intensity aerobic interval training increases fat and carbohydrate metabolic capacities in human skeletal muscle. Therefore, it is safe to say that HIIT training is one of the most effective ways to improve the metabolism rate.

3. Avoid Processed Foods
In order to improve your metabolism, you need to maintain a proper diet. On that note, it is important to emphasize that it is recommended to avoid processed food. You should consume more veggies, fruits, and other organic foods. This is based on the fact that the digestion process starts in the mouth.  The enzymes in the mouth start to break down the food and then the internal system converts the food into energy.
This process is relatively simple when it comes to consuming and digesting organic and healthy food. On the other side, processed foods tend to be somewhat predigested which can create several digestive complications. And this, in turn, can slow down the metabolism rate.

This problem is especially notable with processed potato foods, fruit snacks and foods that contain processed sugar. Furthermore, some of these foods contain a high level of predigested elements that can have a negative impact on your metabolism. It is smart to avoid processed as much as possible.

4. Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated is one of the basic elements that will help you to build lean muscle physique. Also drinking water can raise your metabolism. The theory behind this is that if you are dehydrated you might feel cravings for food. That can be misleading and will turn you to eat more.
According to a research study, 500 ml of water can significantly increase the metabolic rate.Staying hydrated keeps your body in a well-balanced state. Also, if you exercise with high intensity, make sure you drink lots of water. And your metabolism rate will certainly improve.

Another idea is to drink green tea as well. It is well documented that one of the most effective ways to improve your metabolism is to drink green tea. That is the reason why it is present in almost every diet plan. Also, according to a research report, drinking four cups of green tea led to a significant reduction in weight and systolic blood pressure.
Another study showed that green tea extract can actively improve metabolism by 4% during a full 24 hour period. Moreover, 2 to 3 cups of green tea can help burn up to 80 calories per day. However, green tea should be seen as an additional element that can help metabolism, and not the main factors.

The Bottom Line
We can state that the metabolism rate can play a significant role in the process of body transformation. Therefore, it is imperative to find the right elements that will help in the process of improving your metabolism rate. And these tips can give you the starting point in the process of maintaining a highly effective metabolism rate.

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