Holiday Survival Guide – Best Redcon1 Supplements to Take and When

Holiday Survival Guide – Best Redcon1 Supplements to Take and When

The holiday season is the time of the year during which staying fit can be a challenge for many people. The period from Halloween to the New Year’s Eve is filled with parties, family reunions, travels and other social activities. During this time, many gym regulars may drop their form and fitness. Combined with the possible lack of sleep, unhealthy foods and having a few more drinks than usual – the possibility of losing focus is quite high. That is why it is necessary to find that extra edge that will enable the body to maintain a proper balance during the festive period. The various dietary supplements can certainly help in this process. However, it is important to know which products you need to take and when.

Isotope, MRE, and Ration Proteins
The first important supplements that are an indivisible part of the holiday survival guide are the various protein products Redcon1 offers Isotope, MRE, and Ration. On that note, it is important to underline some of the main reasons why bodybuilders, athletes and ordinary people need protein during the holidays. One of those reasons is that it can be used as protection from unhealthy foods. To be more specific, try taking protein supplements before the celebration or party. This way, you will fuel your body with a muscle building mix and being full. This can limit your unhealthy food intake at the holiday celebrations. The second notable reason is that it will enable your body to maintain a steady muscle gain process during the Christmas week. The benefits of the protein powders are beyond any other supplement in the fitness industry. Focusing on low-fat protein supplements can be a basic step in maintaining a solid balance during the holidays. The low fat and low carbohydrate content like Isotope and MRE Lite will help your muscle cells to repair and grow. Moreover, the carbohydrates will reduce the possibility of gaining unwanted fat. All in all, the protein powders are the real deal. Be on the lookout for December deals from Redcon1 and stock up.


Another supplement that may be unknown to many is the glucose disposal agent RPG. RPG is active in decreasing the amount of insulin secreted by the body as a result of consuming meals that have a concentration of carbohydrates. Moreover, the downside of the insulin is that it moves the glucose strictly into the fat cells of the body. In other words, it can contribute to the possible weight gain process especially during the festive period.
RPG can also slow down and regulate how much compound is released. This way, this unique supplement prevents certain high carbohydrates from getting to the muscle or fat cells which can saturate these two body cells. RPG is a very popular choice for many bodybuilders during the holiday season. The reason is that it can be beneficial at this time of year as many tend to consume more carbs during the holidays. RPG can certainly help in preventing the potential negative outcomes from consuming an excessive amount of carbs.

The third element that is an essential part of the Holiday Survival Guide is the various Breach Branch Chained Amino Acids BCAA. The main reason why you need BCAA is closely related to the recovery process. During the holiday period, you will have numerous activities and celebrations. Combined with your workout and training regime, the body can find this rhythm a bit more challenging than usual. That is why it is important to have a recovery of your muscle cells on the fast track. This BCAA mix can have a galvanizing effect on your ability to hit the gym at least 4/5 days a week, and can be the catalyst for maintaining a solid physique and fitness level during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Also, the BCAA is the key component that optimizes the protein synthesis, thus directly maximizing the overall muscle growth and repair of the muscle cells. In other words, it can maximize the use of the protein intake which can result in better results in the long term.

The final supplement on this list is Essential Amino Acids or simply known as EAA called named Grunt. Grunt can have an optimizing effect on your body during the holiday season. This is simply based on the fact that EAA supplements contain up to 9 essential amino acids. These amino acids can be described as the building compounds of protein molecules. In relation to the holiday period, the EAA supplement can be the key component in the process of building and more importantly – maintaining the lean muscle mass. In the same time, it can lower the potential stress, it can prompt a better sleep at night and can increase the overall energy levels. These benefits are crucial for during this time as the tight schedule, the various parties and events may deplete the energy levels of your body. It will also help promote fat loss and can improve athletic performance. This is beneficial as during the holiday period we are prone to eat more and the EAA supplements can have the ultimate role in counter-balancing and neutralizing the possible negative effect of eating too much.

The holidays can be a complex period of the year for many people. Maintaining your fitness at the desired levels can be challenging but not impossible. That is why it is imperative to follow this holiday survival guide and obtain these crucial supplements. These products contain the necessary essential elements that can keep you in top form and optimize your fitness level during the holiday season.

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