Green Beret – Redcon1 Changes the Game Once Again

Green Beret – Redcon1 Changes the Game Once Again

Today’s fitness industry is constantly innovating. And some of these innovative products have a strong impact in the bodybuilding world. However, there is an increased demand for super healthy dietary supplements on the market. A large number of fitness enthusiasts have turned to vegetarian and Vegan sources for the essential nutrients. Their overall goal is to eliminate the potential negative impact of elements such as cholesterol and processed compounds.

Therefore, this quest has led us to work closely with scientists and fitness experts. Our goal was to develop a protein formula that can optimize your fitness level through healthy ingredients. A healthy supplement formula that can still your muscle gains. Therefore, we are excited to present our newest innovation – Green Beret Vegan Protein.

What’s in Green Beret?

In order to better understand the benefits of Green Beret Vegan Protein, it is important to analyze the ingredients of this unique formula. On that note, it is imperative to emphasize that this Vegan protein excludes any trace of cholesterol. This is very significant as some vegetarian protein supplements tend to have some cholesterol. According to a research study, cholesterol can clog arteries and cause heart problems. This is beneficial as it can protect the overall health and wellbeing. Combined with the 0.5 g saturated fat and 0 g of trans fat, this Vegan protein is a super healthy option for muscle growth.

The second notable difference of this Vegan formula are the sources of the protein isolate compound. To be more specific, this formula contains protein extracted from natural elements. The combination includes a highly valuable pea protein extract, quinoa protein and brown rice protein.

This unique mix was based on the idea of combining strong superfoods. And the end result is a more effective and healthy clear protein isolate. Moreover, these ingredients have almost no fat presence. Therefore, this Vegan protein will enable you to pack lean muscle mass, rather than fat.

Smooth Flavor

However, the ultimate question is about the flavor of this protein. And based on the experience with some of the vegetarian protein, the gritty taste proved to be a challenge for many. However, this unique Vegan formula goes beyond the flavor of any other protein supplements. It has a smooth natural flavor. Also, it is naturally enhanced with stevia extract, a healthy sweetener 200 to 400 times sweeter than regular table sugar. This element is also beneficial since it can replicate the presence of sugar. This also represents a high benefit as it eliminates the negative impact of the processed sugar that is present in other protein supplements.

Another advantage of this “no added sugars” supplement is that it can eliminate the possibility of the development of estrogen. And estrogen that has a negative impact on the process of building muscle mass.

All of this combined will provide you with 20 g of clear protein isolate per scoop. An additional benefit is the variety of flavors. You can pick from the standard chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Or the super tasty peanut butter.

Vegan Protein vs. Whey Protein

However, the ultimate question is how the Vegan protein is better than the standard widely used whey protein.

Also, there has been an increasing debate about this issue. But most of these opinions are based on personal preference. Yet, both products do have a broad spectrum of benefits. But the ultimate question is which is better. Therefore, it is imperative to have a factual comparison of the two formulas.
According to some scientific evidence, Vegan protein that is based on brown rice can provide the same results as the whey protein. To be more specific, the Vegan protein can be as efficient as the way in building muscle, recovery, strength and stamina.

Combined with that, the Vegan protein can enhance the metabolism as it easier for the body to digest it. Especially when compared to supplements that contain dairy such as whey.

Another benefit is that Vegan protein is cleaner and does not have the well-known smelly issues that tend to occur…. Also, as we stated above, Green Beret is based on natural sweeteners. On the other side, the Whey supplements mostly contain added sugar which can have a negative impact.

An additional advantage of Vegan protein is that it can match the Amino presence in Whey protein. This is based on the combination mentioned above. To be more specific, brown rice, pea protein and quinoa can replicate the amino effect of the whey protein supplements.

The next advantage of this revolutionary formula is that it does not contain a high level of fats and transfats. Moreover, the Vegan protein does not have cholesterol compared to Whey protein. All of these advantages make Vegan protein a great option for weightlifters that want to build muscle through healthy methods.


Green Beret represents a significant breakthrough in the fitness and bodybuilding world that Redcon1 is being known for. Also, this unique combination is based on a formula that includes protein from healthy sources. The Vegan protein can be a great option for those that want to build a lean muscle mass and strength. The difference is that this new dietary product can galvanize your fitness levels while protecting your overall health and wellbeing.

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