Get Ready for Holiday Parties: The Water Loss Formula

Get Ready for Holiday Parties: The Water Loss Formula

It is a common knowledge that the holiday period can be challenging for many people that aim to stay fit throughout the year. The numerous family events, the parties and the prolonged celebrations can also have a negative impact on the process of maintaining a low body fat. The basic idea of burning fat and losing the excess weight includes two segments — lots of exercising or eating an insanely restrictive, low-calorie diet.

Yet, the reality is that it can be a complex issue. That is why, it is imperative take some actions that will have an instant impact. One notable solution that can have a significant effect is Redcon1 new Waterboard. In this article we dive into the ingredients in Redcon1’s Waterboard.

Horsetail Extract
The first notable element that is present in Waterboard is Horsetail Extract. This compound represents one of the key components in every water loss formula. The first effect of the horsetail extract is that Horsetail can cut excess fluids and salt in the body. This can be beneficial during the holidays as many people tend to consume more beverages during this period. Also, according to a research study, horsetail extract can be beneficial for people who have kidney problems and urinal complications. Also, the horsetail extract can be even more effective when combined with other ingredients. Most of the reliable water loss supplements in the fitness industry are actually based on formulas that are combined with horsetail extract.


Goldenrod can offer a broad spectrum of benefits for the overall health and wellbeing. However, if we analyze through the prism of water loss, goldenrod is one of the most effective elements present in these supplements. To be more specific, Goldenrod has aquaretic impact thus optimizing the loss of the excess water from the body. This process is conducted through a natural stimulation which means that it can increase the urine flow. Goldenrod can have an optimizing role in preventing any additional water storage in the body thus preventing potential weight gain. In other words, Goldenrod can be an effective method that will allow you to enjoy your party without worrying too much about the impact of the beverages. In the same time, Goldenrod can speed up the process of detoxicating the urinal tract and other sensitive internal organs (such as the kidneys) thus optimizing the wellbeing.

Juniper Berry Extract
Another element that is an indivisible part of these innovative supplements is the Juniper Berry Extract. The main benefit of this natural ingredient is closely related with the detoxication and can help in protecting the health of the kidneys. This advantage is especially beneficial during the holiday season. The presence of Juniper Berry Extract can initiate a detoxicating process after your Christmas or New Year’s Eve party thus preventing water weight gain. Moreover, it can eliminate many of the negative elements that are consumed through the alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. The detoxication can initiate a process through which an extensive cleaning of excessive water and other compounds can be extracted from the body through a normal urinal process. The Juniper Berry extract has also been used by various research clinics as part of prevention based medications.

Grains of Paradise (Paradoxine)
Grains of Paradise is perhaps the most underrated element that is part of Waterboard. However, the reality is that this ingredient has numerous advantages that today’s science is still not able to replicate them. Paradoxine has the ultimate ability to convert the so-called white fat cells into brown fat cells. To be more specific, the white fat tissue is the one the body stores it. These energy storage cells are usually kept in the body until a significant food intake occurs. This process is one of the direct contributors to weight gain and water retention. By converting these white fat cells into brown fat mass, the body is enabled to immediately utilize these molecules as an energy source. Simply said, Paradoxine can have the ultimate ability to prevent fat gain and water retention as a result from the Holiday partying. Furthermore, this element can create an internal sphere that will prevent creating stubborn fat which is the hardest to burn. Paradoxine is also found as a single supplement, however, the molecules of this ingredient work better in combination with other similar elements.

On a conclusive note, we can classify Redcon1’s Waterboard as one of the revolutionary innovations in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. By combining a set of valuable ingredients, these products can provide many essential benefits to the average weightlifters. These essential supplements can be a valuable tool that can prevent a potential weight gain during the holiday season. It can also stimulate and protect the body to reach the new heights in building a lean muscle physique.

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