FIT TIP: Make Your Triceps Pop

FIT TIP: Make Your Triceps Pop

Most of the beginners in the gym related a well-developed arm with having a massive and pumped up biceps. However, the reality is that the triceps are in fact the more complex muscle group. Moreover, a balanced arm should be developed on the basis of two-thirds triceps and one-third biceps. That is why, if you want to have a big arm, you need to pay special attention to the triceps. Therefore, you will be able to gain size and mass. Also, to achieve this ideal size and proportion yourself, you’ll need to shock the muscles. And in order to achieve that you will need some high intensity and effective exercise. However, not everyone is doing these exercises with the proper technique.

This article will provide some tips about how to fix some of your triceps workouts.

Seated triceps presses

The conventional bodybuilding plans are always based on exercises that can work out all the part of a certain muscle group.

In order to target the three separate heads of the triceps, you should do the seated press. Moreover, this exercise can optimize the triceps growth as it develops the three parts at the same time

TIPS: Do not allow your elbow to creep out to the sides. The best way is to keep them close to your head. Also, point them straight up during the exercise. Therefore, this will restrict the focus to the triceps while avoiding the involvement of the shoulders.

Also, this notable exercise can be done seated or standing. Moreover, you can train one arm at a time too.

Lying triceps presses

The lying triceps represents is one of the most effective advanced triceps exercises. Also, it is very beneficial as it can overload the triceps and initiate great burn. It can also help you in the process of building thick and massive arms. However, our recommendation is that this exercise to be done with lighter weight at the start. And the weight increase should be based on a steady pace. The reason is simple. To avoid injuries on your triceps and to protect your wrists.

TIPS: It is imperative to not let the elbows flare out. Also, try to keep them in and pointed straight up.

The second advice is to use a spotter when lifting heavy weights. Therefore, you will enable more stability and better technique. Moreover, you can protect from possible injuries on your wrists and head.

Cable Extension

This exercise is somewhat undermined as it has other effects. Moreover, the cable extensions are a great option for polishing of the triceps. Also, it can help in the process of building well-defined arms.

TIPS: Make sure you do not move your arm behind while you pull the handle down. This can have a negative impact as it takes the focus off your triceps. Therefore, aim to keep your elbow in a tight position against the side of your body.

Also, do not use excessive weight as your technique can suffer.

Triceps kickbacks

The triceps kickbacks are one of the most notable old school exercises. Also, the triceps kickback is effective in developing the upper area of the triceps. However, high intensity is the main prerequisite, but also a solid control and good technique are needed. Many professional bodybuilders from the '80s and '90s favored this exercise because of its all-around benefits.

TIPS: Make sure you look ahead while you perform this exercise. Although this may sound weird, it will actually help you to keep your back flat.

Also, make sure that only your forearm moves and not the upper arm or elbow. This will create a stable form and give you the proper technique. Therefore, the exercise will be more effective.

Triceps pushdowns

The triceps pushdown is one of the most effective arm exercises. However, the basic benefit of it is that it will work the triceps throughout the entire range of motion.

TIPS: During this exercise, your elbow should not move. Therefore, you need to keep them tight against your sides from start to finish. Also, this exercise should be based on a steady weight increase. Using excessive weight at the start can implicate internal damage of the wrists.

Bench Dips

The bench dip is one classic exercise that is still popular among many bodybuilders. This simple exercise allows you to use your own body weight for resistance. Also, many weightlifters use the bench dips to polish a good triceps workout session. In the same time, it can be a good warm option before arms workout. Furthermore, many beginners start with this exercise. It is simple and not too demanding.

TIPS: You can switch and modify this exercise in order to fit your current abilities. If you are only able to do a few reps with your feet on a bench – try conducting the exercise with your feet placed on the floor in front of you, with your knees bent. After some time, you can gradually build up to placing your feet on a bench.

All in all, the triceps muscle group is one of the most important ones. Also, it represents the main muscle that needs to be developed. By building up your triceps head, you will develop big and thick arms. However, it is imperative to have proper control and technique. Therefore, these tips will help you to improve your workouts. And the final result will be increased muscle gains.

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