FIT TIP: Build Big and Thick Legs

FIT TIP: Build Big and Thick Legs

Many people in the bodybuilding world tend to skip the leg day. However, strong legs are the foundation of a well-developed physique. Powerful and defined legs are the main symmetry element of a proper body transformation. Moreover, by building your legs muscles, you can increase your endurance and strength. So, why there are so many people that skip the leg day?

Maybe because the leg exercises are not fun. Or maybe because many bodybuilders tend to focus on their upper body. But, avoiding the legs workout can slow your overall progress. Also, it is important to avoid the so-called “Chicken Legs” syndrome.
Nevertheless, there are also numerous examples where people do not see proper leg results. Even after having regular leg days.

1. Leg presses

The leg press represents one of the most effective leg exercises. Also, this conventional movement can have a significant impact on leg development. To be more specific, the leg press can optimize the size gains on your things. Additionally, it is less stressful when compared to the squats. Therefore, the pressure on your lower back is lower. This can enable you to use heavier weight and speed up the leg development.

TIPS: Lower the weight only to the point before your hips and pelvis start to curl up. This is important since allowing your pelvis to curl up can put high pressure on your lower back. That way you will protect your spine from potential injuries.

2. Dumbbell Lunges

The second important exercise is the Dumbbell Lunges. This is because this exercise can develop your glutes, things, hamstrings and quads. However, the dumbbell lunges are somewhat undermined. Therefore, not many of the gym beginners are aware of the effectiveness of this notable exercise. The dumbbell lunges can be performed in a stationary position. Also, you do a lunge walk in a large area of the gym.

TIPS: It is recommended to pay attention to the angle formed by your thigh and lower leg. Moreover, your knee should NOT be over your ankle. The danger is that this can implicate severe strains to the knee tendons. Therefore, your knee and toes must be pointed in the same direction. That way the exercise is more effective, and you can prevent potential injury.

3. Straight-leg deadlifts

The straight-leg deadlifts are a very effective exercise for stretching of your hamstrings. Also, it can work out the lower back and the glutes. A terrific exercise to stretch your hamstrings and work your glutes and lower back.

TIP: Make sure that you do not hunch your back.

Also, it is important not to lean backwards. The reason behind this is that these two mistakes can increase the potential for injury. Therefore, keep your back in a fairly straight position throughout the exercise. You may look straight ahead as this can help you to get into a proper position.

4. Lying leg curls

This is one of the conventional leg exercises. It is a very good exercise for building a good body definition. Moreover, the lying leg curls can be very effective as it can isolate the hamstring muscles. Therefore, the result is significant added hamstring muscle mass.

TIP: The leg curl machine enables a proper form and technique. However, there is any common mistake that often occurs during this exercise. To achieve better isolation to your hamstring, it is recommended to try and point your toes. Therefore, this will intensify the burn in your hamstring muscles.

5. Seated calf raises

The seated calf raises target the lower calf muscles. To be more specific, it is the best exercise for the V-shaped part of the lower calf muscles. Also, it can have a good impact on the medial and lateral heads or the upper calf muscle. Another benefit is that it can be very effective for building mass. Or if you want to take it to the next level, you can follow the Redcon1 Calformation Program.

TIPS: It is important to slide your hips forward on the seat. The reason is that the pads should be resting further back on your things. Therefore, this will improve the isolation of the soleus muscle.

6. Leg extensions

The leg extensions are one of the most important for building a good leg definition. Or simply said, the leg extensions will shape the front of the thigh. For many professional bodybuilders, this is the symbol of having strong and thick legs. However, the highest impact is given to the muscles above the knees.

TIPS: Avoid cheating. This may sound simples as the machines will maintain a stable position of your body. Do not allow your hips to come up off the bench while you are doing the exercise. In case this happens, it is a sign that you need to lower the weights.

Also, alternate the position of your feet. This will work the different elements of the quadriceps.


The development of the leg muscles is one of the most important segments in your body transformation. It is well-proven that people who skip the leg day, make slower gains in the upper body. Also, strong legs are the main foundation for building strong core muscles. Additionally, the leg training intensity will enable you to burn fat as it can elevate the heart rate. That is why it is imperative to do these conventional leg exercises. And by following the above-mentioned tips, you can maximize your leg muscle gains.

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