Dallas Journey to the Olympia: Day 2

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Dallas Journey to the Olympia: Day 2

Day 2: August 17, 2016

Daily Notes

We had a really great training session yesterday with hamstrings, I would say one of the most effective of this prep for legs everything seemed to just click really well. This workout was also filmed so you guys will get to see more content from what we did!

My body is really starting to make some really positive changes to the latest diet changes that we made. I woke up this morning down 5 lbs from yesterday and hit a new low for this prep of 295. This is why I really like having Matt with me as he can monitor changes if needed and just watch everything closely. Today my diet is the same but my PM cardio has been cut.

Today we filmed our chest workout at project flex, this workout was very similar to a workout that Flex put me through earlier in the month. Lots of different angles and intensity techniques applied throughout the workout. You guys be sure to go onto www.redcon1.com to watch the full video soon!

Diet for The Day

Macros: 55 Fat / 320 Carb / 430 Protein 

Meal 1 - Pre Training Meal
2 - whole eggs
200g - egg whites
35g -Isotope (Whey Protein)
120g - oats
Intra training sip on way / during / way home
Breach (bcaa no carbs)Meal 2 - Post training
90g - Cream of Rice
65g - Isotope (Whey Protein)
Meal 3 
224g - Grass Fed Sirloin steak cooked
300g - Yukon
Meal 4
224g - Chicken cooked
210g - Jasmine Rice cooked
75g asparagus
Meal 5
112g - Sirloin Steak cooked
112g - Chicken cooked
150g - Yukon Potato cooked
30g - avocado
Meal 6
2 - whole eggs
300g - egg whites
90g - Chicken cooked
75g - Asparagus
40 min AM upon waking

My Training

***On many of these movements on the last rep of each set we go into a slow 3-4 phase eccentric where we come to a stopping point on the eccentric and then aim to again drive and contract the weight. This is done a 3/4 of a rep on the eccentric, half way through the ROM and coming almost all the way down and again trying to drive the weight.

Exercise 1: Incline Standing Cable Fly

Keeping an incline emphasis on these, while leaning forward slightly keep your elbows up high like you are doing an incline fly
4-5 Working sets

Exercise 2: Incline Hammer Press

First two sets are heavy straight sets with a pause at peak contraction
Then we backed off the weight and added bands and now did a 3 phase movement.
Sets 3-5 as follows

7 Top half contraction reps
7 Full range of motion reps
Finishing up with getting as many bottom half reps as possible out of the stretched position.
3 sets

Exercise 3:

Using a incline flex press we did a two phase fly movement with a neutral grip having our palms on the frame rather than the handle's.

The first phase was with our scapula up high on the bench, butt off the bench to mimic a range of motion very similar to that of a reverse bench press pressing from below the chest to upper chest.

The second phase of motion was sitting on the bench as the machine is intended for an incline fly angle throughout.

4 sets  

Exercise 4:

Banded 45 degree dips. Here we wrapped a band around the base of the dip machine then the other end of the band around our neck. These were straight sets taken to failure.

***Loaded DC stretches to finish.