Dallas Journey to the Olympia : Day 1

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Dallas Journey to the Olympia : Day 1

Day 1:  August 16, 2015


Welcome to my Journey to the Mr. Olympia. This is going to be a look inside every aspect of the last 5 weeks of my prep. My daily thoughts, how I am feeling physically and mentally and how from a quantifiable perspective of training, cardio and diet how we are approaching every variable on a daily basis. Thank you guys for following along with my journey as I am quickly approaching the Olympia stage! I cant wait to touch down in Vegas in just 4 short weeks!

Daily Notes

We are now in the final phase of this year's Olympia prep. Travel is done until after the Olympia and camp will be set up and fully established in Boca for the remaining 4 weeks until Matt, Jordan and myself as well as the rest of the Redcon1 team heads out to Vegas.

One of the biggest things that helps me mentally throughout prep is taking progress pictures often. Not only for myself but also for Matt and I to review and insure we are on the right track. I also am often comparing this years pics to last years in terms of the day to date to monitor the progress I've made over the past year and I am excited about what has taken place.

The goal is to really push the conditioning over the next 3 weeks so diet changes as well as changes to cardio have been made to start this week and you will see that as follows below!

Diet for the Day: What I Eat!

Macros: 55 Fat / 320 Carb / 430 Protein 

Meal 1 - Pre Training Meal
2 - whole eggs
200g - egg whites
120g - oats
Intra training sip on / during / way home 
Breach (bcaa no carbs)
1 Serving of Total War - on way to gym
Meal 2 - Post training 
90g - Cream of Rice 
Meal 3 
224g - Grass Fed Sirloin steak cooked
300g - Yukon 
Meal 4 
224g - Chicken cooked
210g - Jasmine Rice cooked
75g asparagus 
Meal 5 
112g - Sirloin Steak cooked
112g - Chicken cooked
150g - Yukon Potato cooked
30g - avocado 
Meal 6
2 - whole eggs
300g - egg whites
90g - Chicken cooked 
75g - Asparagus
40 min AM upon waking 
30 min PM following meal 5  


My Training 


Exercise 1: Superset 
1A: Adduction 
1B: Abduction 
Aiming to get a hard set of 15 - 20 on each reaching full contractions on each rep. Once we can no longer get a full contraction the set is done. 
4 rounds 
Exercise 2: 
Lying leg curl - Using a modified 21's method. 
7 Top half contraction reps 
7 Full range of motion reps 
Finishing up with getting as many bottom half reps as possible out of the stretched position. 
3 sets 
Exercise 3: 
Barbell RDL's - Done off of a platform to increase the stretch component out of the bottom of each rep. 
Working as heavy as possible here with the intent on the hamstrings and not allowing the lower back to take over. 
3 Working sets no less than 12 reps 
Exercise 4: Superset 
1A: Barbell Glute Bridges - 2-3 second holds on each rep at contraction
1B: Walking Long Stride lunges - never fully locking out onto knees 
Glutes are a focus for Dallas for the Olympia so within our exercise selection we are choosing movements that directly hit them as well as have carry over to other major compound movements. 
3 sets of 10 each. 
Exercise 5: 
Standing single leg leg curl - Alternating sets which is essentially 3 sets in 1. This is a type of rest pause as we are doing 3 sets in 1 alternating between left and right legs until all sets are complete. 
1 working set comprised of 3 mini sets within the 1 working set. 
Stretch - Hamstrings 
Giant set 
1 - Standing Machine Raise x 15 - Full stretch and 2-3 second hold at contraction 
2 - 45 degree angled press focusing on the stretch primarily x 20 reps 
3 - Seated Calf Raise x 10 reps 5 second hold at stretch and contraction on each rep 
4 - Bodyweight standing calf raises to failure.