Dani Reardon's Contest Prep Travel Checklist

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Dani Reardon's Contest Prep Travel Checklist

What’s up everyone! Ok so this is something I always make for myself, and with the Olympia coming up, it’s that time again to start the planning process! This is a Contest Prep Travel Checklist, and like I said I use one of these babies every time to make sure I have everything right where I need it. And with the chaos of contest prep itself, I have grown to love this! Its better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it. 😊

Highest Priority: The Stage Stuff

This is your main priority because this is the end result that you’ve been working for, even if you look your best ever, but you have no suit to wear, no tan, or missing food. No one will get to see you the way they should, the way you envisioned and the way you deserve.

  • Suit/ Trunks and possibly an extra suit if you have it just in case. Don’t forget boobs for the top if they come with it!
  • Routine Music and an extra copy just in case!
  • Heels
  • Jewelry- Bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, hair jewelry, anklets, pretty much anything sparkly, and of course- good luck charms 😊
  • NPC Card/ IFBB Pro Card
  • Cash
  • Nails done? (clear for guys, watch out for the tan)
  • Tan Appointment Booked? Day and Times? Paid?
  • Loose fitting, dark clothes to put over your tan, no bunchy waistlines, no tight bands, stay covered as much as possible to make sure you tan stays nice and even. 2-3 options depending on the length of the show.
  • Black sheets to sleep in so the hotel doesn’t charge you for sheets!! Because that tan gets everywhere.
  • Make sure you have been exfoliating and taking good care of your skin for a few weeks before the show. Shave and exfoliate one good last time before the show, and before you get sprayed (no oils or lotions after exfoliating) you want your skin to soak it all up! Your tan will love you for taking care of your skin.
  • Bring or make a pee cup- you will love this, cut the hole out of a cup, and when you pee, go through it. Its sounds silly at first… but because you can’t sit on a toilet seat with the tan on, which means you have to hover to go to the bathroom. Well this little cup trick kind of funnels and controls the stream lol I’m serious though, pee leaves spots on your legs, you’ll thank me after your first pee spot 😊
  • Hair and Makeup? Did you make an appointment? Did you pay in advance? 
  • Bring your own hair and makeup stuff even if you’re getting it professionally done, you might still have a few days before and after the show that you might want to get ready for. Also, don't forget tan makeup for your face- powder or liquid! After the show, you'll want your face and body to match. 
  • Teeth Whitener
  • Shower stuff: Shampoo, conditioner body wash, razor (no Nair), exfoliating stuff, Epsom salts, face mask
  • Hair stuff: Hair spray, dry shampoo, flat iron or curling iron, clips, bobby pins, and hair ties
  • Scale to weigh yourself on everyday
  • Pump Up Bands


Normally your coach will give you an exact list for show day, but here is a pretty solid one that I always use, and then once I get there I find out if I need to grab extra stuff from the store. And honest, I personally love doing grocery shopping trips when we travel, it’s kinda fun!
  • Pump UP Goodies! Typically, this is something sweet, sugary, quick absorbing, or something specific like a Karbolyn type thing that your coach will tell you… I have had a slew of different things back stage with me, among them….
  • Karbolyn or similar. Rice cakes. Skittles, Peanut butter. Jelly. Nutella. Banana. Salt. A burger. Fries. Steak. Reese’s. Snickers. Wine. Swedish Fish. White rice. Sour patch kids. Water. Coke. White potato. Granola. Candy bars. Granola Bars. Oreos! Cookies. Pop Tarts. Donuts. Pancakes. Honey. (You know your dieting when you can’t stop listing things to pump up with)

Normal Diet Food and Cooking Essentials:

  • Meals Prepped? Sometimes if you pack them in little baggies they travel easier… sometimes I even put a few separated meal baggies in one Tupperware and then pack it up nice like that. 
  • Shop when you get there?? Do you know where the grocery store nearest store is? This is not the time to buy cheap food. Spend a little extra at whole foods or on organic choices. The cleaner the food the better at this point.
  • Food Scale
  • Proteins? Veggies? Carbs? Fats? Salt and Pep? I would avoid throwing anything new into your diet for any of these categories. I keep it as consistent as possible at this point.
  • Cook wear (yes, I sometimes cook in hotel rooms, the ones that don’t have kitchens) … A Nuwave hot plate or a George foreman, I seriously can do anything on a George Foreman. If this is you too, get paper towels, tin foil, pan spray, extra tupp, and a fork and knife.
  • Water! Lots and lots of gallons of water
  • Snacks and meals for whoever is with you… they don’t necessarily want to eat cold asparagus and rice cakes with us!
  • Supplements: Dailies, Electrolytes, Pedialyte, Benadryl in case you need to sleep, suppositories just in case you need to… Tea, Advil or Tylenol, Extra protein shakes and quest bars for those traveling with you

Other Necessities 

  • Clothes: Depends on how long you are staying how many choices you bring
    • Slips- first and foremost… Slips… Good luck slips, travel slips, hard bottom slips, back stage slips, and walking around the hotel room slips.
    • Travel Clothes- Comfy and comforting. Normally I wear my Fit Hustle sweat pant track suit, that they make for me every year… It my favorite thing ever.
    • Everyday clothes- depends on what you’re doing, I normally bring 2-3 options
    • Training Clothes – Typically I bring 3 sweat outfits with some pro fits and t shirts and sports bras for under.
    • Tanning Clothes- a few pairs to sleep in and function during the day in 2-3
    • Back Stage Outfit- For me it’s always the sweat pant outfit that makes me feel the most comfortable, and confident
    • Photo Shoot Options- Gym, sexy, cute, athletic, creative… you
    • Sneakers and Heels (training, going out to a nice dinner/ shoots)
  • Bun and Blank- My baby bunny and blanket, I don’t travel without them, one its weird if they are not here and two… it’s kind of a traditional good luck charm.
  • Phone and electronic chargers- Drones, cameras, laptops and boosted boards

Oh yeah and your family and all their stuff!!

Happy packing, preparing and conquering. Have a blast and take in every moment!