Can Green Beret® Boost Performance? 

Can Green Beret® Boost Performance? 

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably seen more vegan or plant-based food options at grocery stores and restaurants (enter Burger King’s® Impossible Whopper)! And, there is no doubt you’ve seen more than enough food-porn from your “vegan” friends on IG #avocadotoast #nomeatmondays.

 What’s interesting is that more and more professional and elite athletes are turning to vegan diets and are even incorporating vegan protein powders into their supplement regimens. And, in early 2019, Redcon1 consumers started asking for a vegan protein option. Enter Green Beret, Redcon1’s 100% vegan protein powder that launched April 2019. 

So, what’s the deal with vegan protein powder, and does it benefit athletes? Let’s cut to the chase. Using a vegan protein powder over whey or other protein sources is not going to turn an average-joe into an elite athlete. When it comes down to it, there actually isn’t much research on athletic skill and performance with vegan vs. animal-based diets. That said, athletes and consumers alike are reaching for vegan protein powder for the long-term health benefits, and here are some of the reasons why…

4 Reasons Athletes are Including Redcon1’s Vegan Protein Powder in Their Diets.

1. Improved Digestive Health

Whole grains and vegetables found in vegan protein power pack a lot of fiber, which support digestion and minimize bloating. Plus, for many people who have lactose sensitivity or intolerance, Green Beret is a perfect protein solution since it’s 100% lactose free. It’s also gluten free!

2. Boost in Energy

Many athletes tout that they have more energy with a vegan diet or when they incorporate vegan protein powder. This may be due to the fact that animal products can demand a lot of energy from the body to digest and break down the proteins. Some athletes claim this leaves them feeling sluggish.  

3. Enhanced Recovery

Plants and vegetables naturally contain antioxidants which help combat oxidative stress in the body and can help support the body’s healthy inflammatory response.

4. Improved Cardiovascular Health

Plant based proteins are low in saturated fats and cholesterol. Many athletes are recognizing the importance of diets that support long term heart health.

Bonus Reason to use Green Beret…it’s Delicious!

Many people describe the taste of traditional vegan protein powders as “earthy”….if you’ve tried them, you know why. This is NOT the case with Green Beret. The flavors are as creamy and rich as our whey and animal-based protein powders. In fact, in our blind taste tests, some of our employees and consumers couldn’t pick out the vegan protein vs. the whey.  

Tips from the RC1 product specialist team:

If you’re a vegan or a plant-based athlete, Green Beret is an excellent protein powder option. It packs 20g protein, 5g carbohydrates and 120 calories per serving. If you’re not vegan and you love your Isotope® or MRE®, the good news is…you don’t have to choose one over the other. We (and many of our athletes) think it’s an excellent idea to supplement your current protein powder(s) with Green Beret for some of the reasons listed above. In this case, we suggest Isotope immediately post-workout since it has the fastest digestion and absorption rates with bioavailable amino acids. MRE is a great meal replacement protein and Green Beret can be used when you’re looking for an additional protein source throughout the day and want to give your body a break from the animal-based products.

Always consult a qualified healthcare professional before making any dietary changes.

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