Burning Fat and Gaining Muscle – Fact or Fiction?

Burning Fat and Gaining Muscle – Fact or Fiction?

The process of body transformation can be a quite challenging and complex process. Building a lean muscle mass is the ultimate goal for everyone. However, the process of gaining muscle is something that is closely related to many other factors and elements. One of those is the prospect of burning the stubborn fat. Many athletes have come to the incorrect conclusion that you can’t gain muscle while losing fat. And although building muscle and losing fat at the same time can be a hardship, the reality is that both of process is achievable at the same time.

If we look through the prism of thermodynamics, there are various ongoing activities in the body that can influence the process of burning fat. The metabolism has two sides, anabolic and catabolic. One of the main benefits of weight training is the fact that can increase the process of anabolic muscle building. In the same time, it can prevent muscle loss through the catabolic process. Building muscle cells requires energy and breaking nutrients and releasing energy and when combined with the weight training we can get to the desired state. In the same time, these reactions can prompt the body to burn fat as it will need additional fuel sources in order to withstand the increased exercise demands.

After an intensive workout, the muscles have to work hard in order to put the body in a normal position. In other words, the intensity and variety also include resistance and interval training which helps the average bodybuilder burn fat and to develop a lean body sculpt. Overall the high intensity can optimize the muscle mass building process and can stimulate a significant fat loss at the same time. The heavy exercise concept has been under-rated for years by many bodybuilders that are seeking to lose the stubborn body fat. The reality is that the high-intensity training concept can improve body composition as it can promote muscle growth and energy expenditure. In the same time, many in the fitness industry focus on aerobic training as one of the main methods for losing fat while building muscle mass.
However, a research study from the Laval University showed that the high-intensity interval workout is significantly more effective compared to other low or medium intensity workout concepts. This is based on the fact that the high-intensity workouts generate a disturbance in the metabolic system thus creating a potent stimulus for burning fat and building muscle at the same time.

The second element is closely related with the variety. On that note, it is important to emphasize that the athlete should first concentrate on the basics. For example, exercises such as squats, deadlifts, rows and presses tend to use the most energy which in turn enables the body to start the growth and repair process. Variety is a key method for fat loss combined with high-intensity training.
The human body tends to respond to the training demands. To be more specific, the body adapts on the fast track and this is one of the main challenges that the athletes are facing in the process of burning fat and adding muscle mass. The gains will soon start to be non-visible which means that it is time for a change of the training program. This can be explained with the fact that when the body is under a strict workout regime for weeks, it will initiate a change in the structure in order to meet those demands. After that adaptation process, the body will hit a wall and that is why it is necessary to have a variety of workout plans and exercises to be used at the right time.
For example, beginners tend to adapt to a program after 6 weeks and after that, the prospects of burning fat and gaining muscle are diminished. On the other side, advanced bodybuilders will need to severely change their workout program after 4 weeks in order to keep losing fat. The reason behind this is that the body won't drop any more fat unless the training demand exceeds the body’s efficiency. That is why gaining muscle in the advanced stage is usually more difficult than the early phases in the bodybuilding process.

Another major component of this pan is the nutrition strategy. According to many fitness experts, the nutrition is maybe a most important segment for a simultaneous fat loss and muscle building. It is imperative for atheletes and fitness enthusiasts to follow good nutrition methods in order to develop their body structure.
There are several elements that need to be incorporated into every nutrition plan:
1. Focus on small meals during the day.
2. Avoid processed foods and sweetened beverages. This will eliminate unnecessary calories.
3. Monitor your food intake
4. Calculate your necessary calorie intake per day in order to maintain the body weight.
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In this regard, it is important to understand that fat burning is not like building muscle. To be more specific, when you strength train to build muscle mass, the body will show gains at the specific muscles that were trained. This is also called spot gaining. However, there is no exercise that can prompt a fat burning process at specific areas. In other words, there is no such a thing a spot reducing. It is important to distinguish these elements as many bodybuilders tend to do high number of sets for certain muscle hoping that it will burn the fat.  

We can state that building muscle and burning fat at the same time is possible. However, the reality is that it is a very complex process. In order to succeed in tackling these two goals together, it is imperative to follow this framework. By following these important steps, bodybuilders can achieve the desired end result of developing a sculptured physique with lean muscles in all the right areas.

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