Beginners Guide to Starting a Workout Program

Beginners Guide to Starting a Workout Program

Starting a new workout can be challenging for many first-timers. Getting into daily workouts and the gym life can also bring a broad spectrum of advantages for the body and the overall wellbeing. However, the process of incorporating the training regime into the daily routine can be a challenging a complex process. Moreover, the process of adaptation requires a lot of motivation, determination and a strict discipline. In the same time, beginners are in need of a proper guide in order to successfully pass this starting phase. Here we will provide some tips and ideas about how a beginner can start a workout plan.

Set Your Goals & Check Your Health
In order to start working out, the beginners need to take the proper measures in order to secure their wellbeing during the exercise sessions. To be more specific, a consultation with a doctor and fitness expert can be beneficial as it will determine the current state of the body. Based on that information, beginners can get the green light for starting a new fitness program.
Before starting a workout training regimen it is important that the beginners take a closer look into their overall goals and objectives. It is important to set this targets early in the process in order to find the proper pathway that will increase the chances for success. Moreover, it is important to stay realistic. Having said that, a beginner cannot expect to become Mr Olympia in six months. However, there is no reason why beginners should not expect some solid results in a year or even earlier.

Muscle Coordination
The second notable element is closely related with the overall muscle coordination. To be more specific, this step includes a simple introduction to the muscle system about the prospect of lifting weights. This is important as it represents a drastic change in the activities of the muscles. Also, during this phase, the reps and sets should be low and short. This will result in a shorter workout session. Moreover, this phase will enable the beginners to get a good mix of machine and free weight exercises. The basic exercises and movements are ideal for this phase as it will enable the body structure to get used to being active. Regardless of which workout program you may choose, the beginner concept should be similar to this one:

Establish a Routine
In order to make progress as a beginner, it is important to have a consistent training regime. There are various exercises and each one can provide a different spectrum of benefits. In order to have an all-out program, beginners need to balance their workout program with a combination of strength workouts, aerobic and stretching.
For example, aerobic training can be useful in the process of burning fat and improving the metabolic system which can have a galvanizing effect on the prospect of gaining muscle mass. Beginners are recommended to train 2 to 3 times per week to gain the maximum benefits. Furthermore, strength exercises can optimize the ability of the beginners as they will be able to increase their abilities in order to meet the physical demand of their program.
However, during the phase of establishing a routine, this schedule may not be enough as the body structure and the muscles will start to adapt to the resistance training. This is a crucial stage and many beginners fail here as they stay for too long into the specific routine. Moreover, this phase is characterized by stalled progress and without any visible gains. In the same time, many newcomers feel demotivated as they do not see any notable progress and decide to give up. That is why it is imperative to move to the next stage once you notice these signs.

Stay Challenged
The next step for the beginners in their new regimen is to move intensity to the next level. In order to ignite a further muscle growth, every person (including the newcomers) need to get new challenges and targets, once they improve their overall fitness levels. This part is also known as the advanced stage, where the weightlifters have certain experience and improved strength. If we look through the prism of the workout regime, the general conclusion is that the body will have to be more agile and faster than usual. This is based on the fact that needs to perform new and unfamiliar movements. In other words, the new workout sessions need to be harder and more challenging than the previous ones. For example, the ratio between sets and repetitions should be adapted and modified in order to fit your needs. Furthermore, the workouts should have specific intervals of different durations and intensities, and the strength workouts feature different levels of resistance.
Here is an example for the intermediate and advanced level.

It is important to distinguish that this modification can be utilized in every workout program and it is based on the physical abilities during the intermediate and advanced phase.

Stay Motivated
The final advice is to always stay motivated. Starting a new workout can be a complex life event with a lot of ups and downs. Many beginners fail after facing some difficult challenges. However, it is imperative to always remember your goals and targets. Those aspirations can have a galvanizing effect on the prospect of staying motivated. Keeping a high level of motivation and determination can be the main catalyst for success in the quest for building a lean body physique.
Embarking on a new workout training regimen can be a quite complex and challenging process. However, by keeping a close eye on your goals and objectives, many beginners can become successful bodybuilders. Following these pioneer steps combined with a healthy diet and proper lifestyle, the beginners have the blueprint for success in the bodybuilding sport.

Chris Hazen | @thechrishazen

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