Arnold Schwarzenegger's 
Legacy and Impact on Today’s Bodybuilding

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 
Legacy and Impact on Today’s Bodybuilding

In today’s bodybuilding world, there are many athletes and legendary coaches that left a mark on this sport. Their work has heavily influenced today’s modern bodybuilding. One of those greats is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Austrian-born former governor of California was arguably the best champion in the world of fitness.
This fitness icon revolutionized bodybuilding in various ways. His fitness results have reshaped society’s view on the bodybuilding sport in general. But, his success in propelling the bodybuilding sport to a new level was not a coincidence. And even now, the veteran bodybuilding legend is still shaping the modern bodybuilding.
In this article, we will look at some of his impact on the sport of bodybuilding.

1. The Arnold Classics

There are many bodybuilding and fitness competitions around the world. But, the Austrian Oak has created one of the most popular bodybuilding contests in the world. That competition is the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic. This contest started in 1989, and the Classics now draws the attention of many fans worldwide. You will easily see up to 40,000 people at this event. Moreover, Arnold went far beyond than just organizing a standard bodybuilding contest. The Classics now include numerous side events such as tennis, basketball, Martial Arts Festival, Fitness International, Ms International, Arnold Gymnastics Challenge, and Arnold Classic Training Seminars which have increased the popularity of the event.

Also, the popularity of this competition enabled the sport to reach new heights. Moreover, Arnold Classics had a significant impact on the bodybuilding emerging as a mainstream sport. Additionally, Arnold is always a present figure at classes and competitions all around the world. Many fitness magazines tend to spread the word of his physical achievements. Simply said, Arnold’s Classics helped many people to embrace the physical and active way of life. In turn, his influence is significant for the developed healthy habits, diligence and determination. In other words, the Arnold Classics is not just a bodybuilding show, but a mainstream contest that brings the best of both new and old school bodybuilding.

2. Arnold Workout Plans

Arnold’s formula for building muscle is based on several elements. Many modern personal trainers consider these segments as old school tips for building muscle. But regardless of the origin, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the guy that made them so popular. Therefore, Arnold’s wisdom represents the backbone of many workout plans out there. Additionally, his exercise programs are based on specific principles., and these elements significantly contributed to his bodybuilding success.

Go for the Pump

One of the main elements of Arnold workout pattern is to always go for the pump! Although it may sound simple, the reality is that many are not aware of the meaning of this. The pump is simply a state where muscles become engorged with blood as a consequence of resistance training. Moreover, in order for this to happen, you will need to do multiple sets with high reps. But this is not just something that the Austrian Oak just put on the board. According to a research study, cellular hydration can significantly improve protein synthesis. Arnold often advised that high-intensity training is one of the main prerequisites for getting the best pump state. And that can help in the process of building massive muscle mass.

Clear Goal

Another positive characteristic of Arnold was that he always had a clear goal. To be more specific, the former Mr. Olympia had a clear image of his desired body physique. This cognitive strategy has been very effective for many bodybuilders to reach their goals. The reason why this method is effective is related to the visualization of brain cells. Therefore, one of Arnold’s main claim was that the visual approach can have a positive effect on resistance training performance.

Another advantage of the visualization is that it can improve motivation. In other words, the benefits of visualization can improve your overall performances. And the domino effect is better results. Therefore, developing the right image of your body physique, may help you transform your body on your way to your desired look.

Go Heavy

Arnold’s main belief is that every professional bodybuilder adopts a much different training concept. Mastering several techniques can significantly speed up the progress. However, the most obvious Arnold concept is to lift heavy. He often argued that developing a muscle mass is done by lifting heavy weights. His training was always based on high volume workout sessions including 2-3 days where he will lift really heavy. That way his aim was to target a specific muscle group and improve the overall strength.

Additionally, Arnold seemed a big fan of the progressive concept thereby improving his personal records. These heavy high-intensity workouts and progressive overload led him to win a few weight lifting competitions in the late ’60s.

Additional evidence that supports Arnold’s approach is the fact that bodybuilders who push for big heavy lifts tend to develop more muscularity. Especially when compared to those ones that prefer light weights and simple body exercises. In other words, the former Mr. Universe strategy was by lifting heavy weights to simply build more muscle.

And in today’s fitness and bodybuilding, this concept is embraced by almost every coach and athlete. But, the 7 times Mr. Olympia also emphasized on lighter weights. They are useful as well. It is still considered a solid option to tone and define your muscle mass. Nevertheless, the best results are usually achieved when lifting heavy weights with a moderate rep in a combination with lighter weight high rep training.

Arnold Schwarzenegger galvanized the bodybuilding sport. He is probably the greatest fitness icon that ever lived. And his workout blueprints, hard work and achievement are an inspirational story for many people around the world. Not just to achieve the perfect body physique or to live a healthy and active life. But also, as a role model for many that want to achieve greatness.

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