Aaron Singerman Checks In for Week 2 of Redcon1's Readiness Trials!

Aaron Singerman Checks In for Week 2 of Redcon1's Readiness Trials!

As of today I am officially 1 week into my transformation diet. I started at 245 lbs and I am already down to 235.8 lbs as of this morning. That’s a loss of 9.2 lbs in 7 days. During this first week, I’ve been sticking strictly to my baseline diet that I outlined for you guys in my first blog post. The worst thing I did was miss a meal one day and 2 times I traded out some of my dinner carbs for a few ounces of vodka (lol). I want to be totally transparent with you guys in these blog posts, so I will continue to document any and all slip-ups or cheats.

I think it’s important to note that a 9+ lbs weight loss in one week doesn’t come exclusively from fat. Most of this first week’s weight loss comes from water weight. By eating clean you will undoubtedly lose a bunch of subcutaneous water… Water that is under the skin that blurs definition of the muscle beneath. All the extra carbs and junk you normally eat makes your body hold a bunch of this, plus if you aren’t drinking much liquid normally your body will hold some as a preventive measures. Once you significantly increased water consumption you hold less water. One point I should make here is that I never reduce salt. In fact, I heavily salt my food. If you reduce your salt, anything salty will make you hold water, but if you regularly consume it your body will be use to it and use it efficiently.

Because of this week’s weight loss I have no plan on altering my diet this week, and most likely, not the next week either. Of course, I’ll play it by ear, but when something is working well there is no point in changing it. If you have lost at least 2 lbs in your first week, nothing should change. Eventually, the body will become used to this diet and it will need to be altered to continue losing fat. That or you will need to add more cardio. I am currently doing 30 minutes of cardio 6 days a week at around 125-135 beats per minute.

I am attaching a screen shot of my notes from my phone. I think it’s very important to keep a record of your weight and if you made any changes or mistakes during your daily diet. I weigh myself twice a day. When I wake up and when I go to sleep. I do this for a few reason: 1) It keeps me accountable 2) It keeps my mind on the diet and harder to cheat knowing I’m weighing soon 3) Keeps track of how much water I’m holding 4) The biggest reason - It helps my MIND remind my body I’m trying to lose weight. I’m a HUGE believer in visualization and the power of the mind making those visions a reality. Science to this day doesn’t fully understand the human brain and how much power the mind has over the body, but I strongly believe you are in more control of your body than you’d believe. By weighing twice a day you are reminding the body what you want it to do: lose weight.

Here is an old video of me explaining this concept:

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