Aaron’s Week 3 Check In: Altering Your Baseline Diet

Aaron’s Week 3 Check In: Altering Your Baseline Diet

This week I want to talk about when to alter your baseline diet. I lost 1.4 lbs this past week. That’s not THAT surprising. The first week I lost a ton, almost 10lbs, and much of that was water. One thing to consider with any diet is when you significantly reduce carbohydrates you will lose that initial subcutaneous water. Interesting fact: 1g of carbs holds 2-3g of water. That means if you are regularly eating a TON of carbs, you will hold pounds of excess water. It’s also why a lot of people lose a LARGE amount of weight when they start a keto diet, which makes them think they are KILLING IT… but really it’s that initial loss of fluid and some fat.

All that said, I think it’s time to talk about how I continue from here, and how YOU continue from a point of plateau. The first thing I recommend is remove some carbs. Many people would recommend increasing cardio, as I’m only doing 30 minutes a day, but like to use cardio as a secret weapon and not my first line of offense.

If you watched my first video about how to write your baseline diet, then you have a majority of carbohydrates in the first meal and in the post-workout meal. I think nutrient timing is very important, so when I take in carbs I make sure they are ingested at the most opportune time to be used and not stored. Carbs only have three options: 1) Burned immediately 2) Stored as glycogen 3) Stored as fat - We want to consume them when we need them, and not when the body can use them for fat storage.

Let’s cut the carbs post workout and see what happens. For me that’s a reduction of 70g of carbs and 280 calories. Next week we will see if I hit my 2lbs goal, and if I went over, we will discuss how to add food back in to make sure we aren’t losing that hard earned muscle!

Picture of me and our athlete, Luke Sandoe, who is in town all this week!

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