5 Ways You're Not Using Big Noise (But Should Be)

5 Ways You're Not Using Big Noise (But Should Be)

One of the most commonly asked questions we get about Big Noise is, “Do I really need it if I already have Total War®?” Well… did the Justice League really need both Batman AND Superman? While Total War packs a perfectly good punch on its own, Big Noise is one of the most versatile weapons in your supplement arsenal and has a variety of uses you should know about. So, without further ado, here’s the top 5 ways you can bring the noise to your next workout:

1. SHREDDING SEASON: Big Noise® & Double Tap®

Everyone knows Double Tap torches fat, but while it’s most commonly used in the morning to kickstart a day of fat loss, a great way to kickstart a workout is by taking a serving before you train. Adding Big Noise to Double Tap as a pre-workout stack not only makes it a complete pre-workout, but the powerful and effective hydration ingredients and vasodilators are perfect for pushing through those low carb days when it’s difficult to get a pump.

2. NINJA FOCUS: Big Noise® & Mental Trigger®

Hello? Calling on Redcon1 athlete Joe Bennet. Are your ears ringing?

Joe is a world class trainer whose clientele consists of Drax from the Avengers. Not too shabby. This Redcon1 combo is called the Guru Stack for a reason, since Joe personally hand-crafted this combination as his go to pre-workout. Luckily for us, he shared the secret. This combo is perfect when you need to train a lagging body part, as it helps you hunker down and focus on the mind-muscle connection that’s necessary for training those weaker areas. But don’t just take our word for it, look at Joe’s calves!

3. LONG DAYS, LATE NIGHTS: Big Noise® Only

Does anyone even work a 9-5 anymore? We live in a fast pace world where hustling 24/7 is the only way to get ahead and sometimes your gym session has to be late at night. While night training has its benefits, such as not having to fight over a squat rack, using Big Noise guarantees you can get a great workout in without having trouble falling asleep shortly after. Big Noise is completely stimulant-free and will help you push through a late-night workout without compromising your sleep.

4. THE CLASSIC: Total War® & Big Noise®

Peanut Butter & Jelly, Jack & Coke, Total War & Big Noise. Need we say more? This is the classic pre-workout combo that has been a fan favorite since the day Aaron Singerman opened up the Redcon1 doors. Total War + Big Noise delivers the best of both worlds: crazy energy and massive pumps. Don’t need a huge stimulant rush? You can lower the serving of Total War in this combo and still get a great pump effect with some energy.

5. ULTIMATE GAINS: Total War®, Big Noise®, MOAB®

It’s called the Ultimate Pre-Workout Stack for a reason! MOAB, or The Mother of all Builders® is the perfect anabolic addition to this timeless classic and packs a serious punch of muscle building ingredients without the hormonal downside, since it’s an all-natural product. Not only will this help push you through those tough workouts, but it will also aid in faster recovery!


Big Noise - Watermelon

Total War - Rainbow Candy