5 Spooky Exercises to Scare Off Fat  – The Halloween Training Regime

5 Spooky Exercises to Scare Off Fat – The Halloween Training Regime

For many, Halloween is one of the most exciting holiday celebrations of the year. Also, many people can’t wait for the moment when they can dress up in their favorite costume and enjoy the scary haunting night. Also, Halloween can be seen as the opening day for the Holiday season. And while we all can’t wait for the pumpkin carving and the candies, we still need to keep an eye to our fitness goals.

The main challenge for many fitness enthusiasts is how to stay fit during this holiday period of two months that starts with Halloween. The possibility of gaining extra pounds of fat and letting all the efforts throughout the year to go in the drain is real and should not be underestimated. However, staying dedicated to reaching your bodybuilding goals and having a good time can be achieved through a specific training regime.

If you want to stay dedicated to your fitness plan and have some fun in the Halloween spirit, here are some interesting exercise that is in the spirit with this spooky holiday. Don’t be scared of the names—these exercises can tackle the prospect of gaining weight during the holiday period.

1. Warm Up With The Frankenstein Walk
Start the Halloween theme workout with this fun and effective warm-up concept. The main benefit of this method is that will increase the body temperature and will prompt the thermogenics. In the same time, it will prepare the body for the challenges during the training session. Start this exercise in a straight standing position, step forward with the right foot and move the left leg out in front and at the same time moving the right hand in direction of the left leg. This a dynamic warm-up and it can be a good alternative in order to fit with the holiday theme.

2. Jackknife Push-ups on a Stability Ball
A fun way to fight against the possible fat gaining is to actually fight against it. As in this period, there is a high possibility for higher calorie consummation it is imperative to focus on exercises that can focus on chest, abs, shoulders and upper arms. One notable exercise that help is the so-called Jackknife Push-ups. Scary name, eh?
In order to conduct this exercise, you need to be in a push-up position on a stability ball. In the same time, both legs on the ball and hands on the floor, shoulder-width apart.
Lower the elbows and do a push-up movement. Keep your legs straight to do a jackknife as you move the ball closer to your hands. It is recommended to do three to four sets with 10 repetitions. Scary, but effective exercise.

3. Dumbbell Axe Chops
The second scary exercise on our is the dumbbell axe chops. This is a very beneficial exercise as it can optimize the core muscles. Also, it can have a significant role in the process of developing a proper and visible abs definition. In the same time, it can strengthen the core muscle cells which is one of the basic elements in being able to reach your fitness to the next level.
Keeping your arms in a straight position but make sure that they are not locked, bend at the knees and make an energized movement of your torso to the left as you draw your arms down and across your body to the left leg. Then quickly reverse the movement with the same level of intensity, making a quick break at the top. Add a Michael Myers’s mask and give some haunting to your gym pals.

4. Spider Crawls
Who says that you cannot lose weight and burn fat during the holiday season? One athletic exercise that correlates with the Halloween theme and that can help to burn fat is the Spider Crawls. As we are already aware, spiders can be creepy and scary but they also very flexible. Moreover, their speed and movement are unmatched. Get into a Spiderman mode and use this exercise to work out your abs, arms, chest and shoulders.
Get into a press-up position, raise one foot off the floor and position your knee up in direction to your elbow. Take a quick rest, then return to the starting position and repeat on the other side. This is a good athletic workout that can result with an improved stamina and will keep the muscles in shape during this holiday period.
Do 5 set of 10 repetitions will do the job to protect you from the Halloween candies.

5. Mummy Sit-Ups
Start this exercise by lying on your back. Make sure that your legs are in straight position and place your hands on the things. Start with a slow sit up while gliding the fingers down toward the knees. Then transition to a sit up tall position and slowly get back to the starting position while engaging the core muscles. This abdominal exercise can be a great addition to your variety of ab exercise routine. The main benefits of this exercise are that it will enable you to avoid gaining fat at the core, as it is a spot that usually develops the so-called stubborn fat.

All in all, the time period between Halloween and New Year Eve is probably the most exciting part of the year. However, it is also the most challenging on the prospect of maintaining a solid physical shape and avoiding the possibility of gaining a few extra pounds. That is why you should use this set of exercises in order to stay active and have a fun workout on Halloween night!

Chris Hazen | @thechrishazen

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