5 Easy Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Workouts—and How to Fix Them!

5 Easy Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Workouts—and How to Fix Them!

The process of body transformation requires a long-term commitment and dedication. Also, in order to progress, it is imperative to have the right prerequisites for success. Yet, there are also other elements that are part of the fitness equation. One of those segments is the level of effectiveness of your workouts. Moreover, the training sessions can be one of the main catalysts for success.

However, the harsh reality is that that achieving this can be a complex task for many people in the gym. Furthermore, there are certain segments that tend to sabotage your workouts.

This article will provide you with some solutions.

1. Lack of Challenge

The main problem that can have a negative impact on your workouts is a comfort. Many gym regulars and bodybuilders have their own favorite exercises. And that is pretty normal. It is the same way as we have our favorite tv show, foods, clothes etc. However, this issue should only be observed through the prism of the body reaction. To be more specific, the muscle cells tend to adapt to the specific exercises after a certain time. Moreover, the muscles tend to become comfortable with those exercises. Therefore, this is one of the main elements that can sabotage your workouts.

The solution to this common issue is pretty simple and straightforward. Change your exercises from time to time.

Also, try some different exercises that will target your muscles from different angles. Furthermore, focus on your weak spots. According to a research study by the Stanford University School of Medicine, changing the exercise habits can improve the results.

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2.The Right Approach

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle staying active can be quite a challenge. The ever-increasing obligations tend to ruin the gym time for many people. Also, some people see certain workouts as a hardship. For example, many of us are not big fans of cardiovascular training. Furthermore, skipping leg day seems like a common problem these days too. By going to the gym and looking at working out certain muscle groups as an obligation can be a big factor of sabotage. Also, doing certain exercises just for the reason to get it done can ruin your progress.

The solution to this challenge is closely related to your mental approach. Therefore, it is imperative to have the right mindset. Try to look at every workout session as an opportunity. Regardless of what kind of training is.

Work on transitioning to a more positive mindset and approach to exercise. This will make much easier to get the body you’ve always wanted. So focusing on having the right mentality can optimize your workouts and maximize your gains.

3. Technique

One of the main prerequisites for protecting your health is to have the right technique. Also, this segment is closely related to the effectiveness of your workouts. By developing a proper technique you can galvanize the effectiveness of your training. In the same time, you can prevent the potential for injuries.

Also, you need to take advice from the right sources. Personal coaches, online fitness magazines and supplement companies usually offer expert fitness advice.

The second technique element is closely related with the so-called training to failure. Do not just do the exercise just to reach the number of reps. By just focusing on reps, you are preventing the engagement of the fiber in the muscle tissue. Therefore, you need to train to failure. That way the body will prompt the anabolic reactions in the muscles to repair and grow.

4. You Skip the Warm Up

Let's face it, a solid majority of the gym regulars tend to skip the warm-up. Many weightlifters tend to do some random moves. Also, the general belief is that this is good warm up. Yet, the reality is that those moves such as stretching do not really do much.

According to a research study, stretching before a workout can actually obstruct your exercise. Also, it will not eliminate the possibility of injuries.

Nevertheless, this can be fixed with relative ease. By just implementing a proper warm-up plan. 10 minutes of proper warm-up can increase the effectiveness of your workout sessions. It can improve your overall performances. Also, it can have a domino effect in increasing your gains. Therefore, take some time to warm up your muscles before lifting weights.

5. Taking Long Rests Between Sets.
In today’s gyms and fitness clubs, these prolonged rest periods are a problem. Furthermore, this is often undermined. Moreover, a smartphone and a headphones set represents an indivisible part of today’s workout gear. However, there is a general belief that many people tend to be on their phones for too long between sets. These extended breaks can have a negative impact on your body. It can actually lower your heart rate and can confuse the body as the muscle cells will start to relax.

That is why it is imperative to limit your rest periods from 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes. Also, this can increase the effectiveness of your workouts in the long term. Nevertheless, you should always adapt your rest periods to the specific exercise that you are doing. Therefore, it is a must to follow the rest instructions of your workout plan. Unless of course, you are doing power lifting, then long rest periods may be appropriate.


On a final note, we can conclude that having an effective workout is one of the main prerequisites for successful body transformation. However, in order to achieve that, you need to pinpoint your mistakes. But do not be discouraged if you are one of those gym regulars that have these weaknesses. The bodybuilding sport is a learning process. That is why you should stay focused on improving on your weak areas. The end result will be a significant improvement in the effectiveness of your workouts. Better workouts means more gains. It is simple as that.

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