4 Ways to Maintain a Strong Immune System

4 Ways to Maintain a Strong Immune System

Aside from the common hand-washing, exercise, and adequate rest, what you eat and supplement can make a big difference in supporting a strong immune system.

For optimal immune health, whole-foods, fruits, vegetables, and an all-in-one vitamin should be staples in your diet. Maintain a strong immune support system from the inside out with these whole-food proteins and immune-boosting supplements and vitamins.


MED KIT - All-In-One Vitamin Kit 

Each serving of Med+Kit® comes with 1500mg of Fish Oil Powder, 300mg of NAC, plus 200mg Turmeric Extract, 375mg Milk Thistle, 50mg Ubiquinol, and a very impressive vitamin complex making it a truly impressive formula. Med+Kit® is a perfect formulation of immune and organ supporting supplements.

GI JUICE - Digestive Enzymes

Maximize your health and improve your digestion without the extra calories. GI Juice® comes packed with a highly concentrated dose of 13 fruits and vegetables. This daily, greens supplement will help fight off free radicals, keeping you feeling great and leaving you energized all day long. Drink GI Juice anytime you are thirsty to elevate the quality of your daily nutrition.

MRE BAR - Whole-Food Meal Replacement Bars

This real food meal replacement bar will change your outlook on protein bars forever. Just like our MRE Protein Powder, REDCON1's MRE Bar contains only whole-food sources like oats, salmon, chicken, eggs, brown rice, and sweet potato. These ingredients give our meal replacement protein bar an amazing taste, unmatched flavor and the nutrition that gives you sustained energy throughout the day.

RATION PACK - On-The-Go Meal Replacement Pack

Our all-new RATION PACK is a whey powered protein, meal replacement supplement, bringing together a complete balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates into one convenient single-serving packet.